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AHCTRF201A - Assist with turf construction (Release 1)


Usage recommendation:
Is superseded by and equivalent to AHCTRF201 - Assist with turf constructionThis unit is equivalent to AHCTRF201A Assist with turf construction. 26/Jun/2016
Supersedes RTF2020A - Assist with turf construction09/Jun/2011

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1 1 (this release) 10/Jun/2011


SchemeCodeClassification value
ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 050301 Horticulture  

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SchemeCodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 050301 Horticulture  04/Nov/2011 
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Unit Descriptor

Unit descriptor 

This unit covers the process of support a worker provides to others in a team who are constructing soil profiles for the establishment of turf and defines the standard required to: work in a team on a turf construction project; use a range of turf construction machinery and equipment; follow procedures and sequence work during the course of the construction; clean, maintain and store turf construction machinery and equipment.

Application of the Unit

Application of the unit 

This unit applies to the process of assisting with turf construction and is usually conducted within established routines, methods and procedures.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

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Prerequisite units 

Employability Skills Information

Employability skills 

This unit contains employability skills.

Elements and Performance Criteria Pre-Content

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Elements and Performance Criteria



1. Prepare for soil profile construction

1.1. Services are located using site and construction plans and in consultation with the supervisor.

1.2. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) hazards are identified, risks assessed and reported to the supervisor.

1.3. Suitable safety equipment is selected for the soil profile construction program.

1.4. The construction site is prepared according to enterprise work procedures and the construction plan.

2. Prepare equipment for soil profile construction

2.1. Construction tools, equipment and machinery are selected that are appropriate to the task being undertaken.

2.2. Pre-operational and safety checks are carried out on tools, equipment and machinery according to manufacturers specifications and enterprise work procedures.

2.3. Suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is selected, used and maintained.

3. Undertake soil profile construction

3.1. The base is graded to the specified level and on a consistent slope, and is consolidated to achieve uniform compaction over the entire site, according to enterprise work procedures.

3.2. Trench lines are dug to the specified depth, width and fall, with all superfluous material evacuated and stored safely according to the construction plan and enterprise work procedures.

3.3. Construction of the soil profile is undertaken according to OHS requirements.

4. Restore the site after drainage and irrigation installation

4.1. Trenches are back-filled with specified construction materials, consolidated and levelled according to the construction plan and enterprise work procedures.

4.2. The construction site is levelled to visual satisfaction as each layer of the soil profile is installed.

4.3. The construction site is hand watered thoroughly on completion according to enterprise work procedures.

4.4. Waste material is removed from the construction site and disposed of in an environmentally aware and safe manner according to enterprise work procedures.

4.5. Tools, equipment and machinery are cleaned, maintained and stored according to enterprise work procedures.

4.6. A clean and safe area is maintained throughout and upon completion of work according to enterprise work procedures.

4.7. Work outcomes are recorded or reported to the supervisor according to enterprise work procedures.

Required Skills and Knowledge


This section describes the skills and knowledge required for this unit.

Required skills 

  • inspect and check machinery
  • erect safety equipment
  • handle manual loads correctly
  • use turf construction machinery and equipment
  • calibrate machinery
  • interpret site plans and turf construction specifications
  • measure quantities, area, volume, ratios and application rates
  • measure distances and calculate depth
  • calculate material requirements
  • participate in teams and contribute to team objectives
  • read and interpret instructions
  • communicate effectively with team members and supervisor
  • utilise proforma recording, reporting and work procedure documents
  • co-ordinate own activities with the work group
  • minimise environmental disturbance
  • use literacy skills to follow sequenced written instructions and record information accurately and legibly
  • use oral communication skills/language competence to fulfil the job role as specified by the organisation including questioning, active listening, asking for clarification and seeking advice from supervisor
  • use numeracy skills to estimate, calculate and record routine workplace measures
  • use interpersonal skills to relate to people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and with a range of physical and mental abilities.

Required knowledge 

  • various requirements of turf species and their cultural requirements
  • characteristics and growth rates of turf species and cultivars
  • different soil preparations for construction
  • effective and safe use of tools and machinery
  • high performance uses of turf surfaces
  • purpose of turf construction in maintaining turf presentation
  • irrigation and/or drainage installation procedures and operational techniques
  • principles and application of site and construction plans
  • relationship between a well-constructed soil profile for the quality and appearance of the turf
  • effect of adverse outdoor climatic conditions
  • influences on the selection of tools, machinery and safety equipment
  • potential public nature of turf renovation work sites
  • hazards and responsibilities working near public access
  • environmental impact of turf construction works.

Evidence Guide


The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

Overview of assessment 

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit 

The evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit must be relevant to workplace operations and satisfy holistically all of the requirements of the performance criteria and required skills and knowledge and include achievement of the following:

  • work in a team on a turf construction project
  • use a range of turf construction machinery and equipment
  • follow procedures and sequence work during the course of the construction
  • clean, maintain and store turf construction machinery and equipment.

Context of and specific resources for assessment 

Competency requires the application of work practices under work conditions. Selection and use of resources for some worksites may differ due to the regional or enterprise circumstances.

Range Statement


The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole.

Turf species may include:

  • all high performance turf species and cultivars.

Tasks may include:

  • supporting surveying
  • area measurement
  • marking out
  • peg placement
  • erection of signage and safety barriers.

Unit Sector(s)

Unit sector 


Co-requisite units

Co-requisite units 

Competency field

Competency field