New targeted support services for Australian Apprentices and employers

03 July 2024

The Australian Government is implementing new targeted support services for apprentices, trainees and employers. Apprentice Connect Australia Providers (Providers) started delivering the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Services program on 1 July 2024. 

Under the new model, Providers will better support apprentices, trainees and their employers from before the apprenticeship starts to its successful completion.  

The Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Skills and Training, said, “personalised mentoring support, especially in the first two years, can significantly improve completion rates. This investment will help more apprentices develop a sustainable career pathway.” 

What changes are occurring? 

Informed by 2 rounds of consultations, the new program will increase the variety and capacity of organisations providing apprenticeship support services. It will also: 

  • Place the apprentice at the centre of service provision through an enhanced assessment at the beginning of the apprenticeship to help set apprentices up for success. 
  • Strengthen mentoring support services for apprentices and employers. 
  • Provide greater support for Key Client Groups. 
  • Introduce specialised service providers for priority cohorts.
  • Utilise improved technology to increase and better target communications and streamline program administration. 

What will happen to my current Australian Apprenticeship Support Network service?  

Most apprentices will remain with their current provider. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has contacted all apprentices and employers who need to be transferred to advise them of their new Apprentice Connect Australia provider. Your new provider will also be in touch soon after 1 July 2024 to ensure ongoing service provision. 

See the list of Apprentice Connect Australian Providers on our website.