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Updated trainer and assessor credential requirements

The Training and Education Training Package was updated in April 2016. The core units of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment were updated to include the ‘Design and develop assessment tools’ and ‘Address adult language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills’ units of competency. The core units of the Assessor Skill Set were updated to include the ‘Design and develop assessment tools’ unit of competency.

To ensure the VET workforce has appropriate skills in designing and developing assessment tools and identifying and evaluating LLN requirements, Skills Ministers agreed to update the training and assessment credential requirements in line with the changes to the TAE Training Package. The changes are outlined in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

Skills Ministers agreed that trainers and assessors who do not hold the relevant units will have until 1 April 2019 to meet the new credential requirements. Trainers and assessors may use this training to contribute towards meeting professional development requirements outlined in the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Further information is available on the Australian Government Department of Education and Training’s website at

New Deleted status in

Following feedback from users and an agreement from State and Territory Ministers, a new "Deleted" status has been introduced in (TGA). The implementation of the status occured in two phases.

The first phase marked legacy training packages and components (including Enterprise training packages) as Deleted. This was completed in late November.

The second phase saw the Deleted status expanded to all relevant training packages and their components. Any training packages or components that were marked as superseded with no replacement had their status updated to Deleted. Any training packages or components released following the implementation that meet this criteria will also be marked as Deleted.

The second phase was released on Tuesday 13 June 2017.

It should be noted that the marking of these components as Deleted reflects the fact that they are no longer able to be delivered as nationally recognised training. It does not go to the validity of qualifications previously awarded.

If you have any questions, please contact the TGA Help Desk:

The Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) is ready for use

The Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) is now available for use. Funded by the Department of Education and Training, FSAT is an interactive online tool designed to identify and measure an individual’s foundation skill levels (English language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills).  FSAT assists in identifying any gaps in skills and knowledge that need to be addressed. This will enable trainers to target assistance to students at the areas where each individual may require additional support.

The department is currently working with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to finalise and validate the Tool. During the current phase of development, FSAT has been available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs) and senior secondary schools (for year 11 and 12 students).

While there has been strong interest to date, the department is keen for more RTOs and senior secondary schools to use the tool. By participating, you will be helping to ensure that a fully validated, final and free version of FSAT is available as quickly as possible.

Further information regarding FSAT, including answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, and guidance on how to register, is available at:

Extension of transition period - training products endorsed between September 2015 and March 2016

As a result of the transition to the Standards for Training Packages there is a temporary surge in the number of revised training products endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). The peak of activity for release of revised training packages is within the period September 2015 to March 2016.

To assist registered training providers (RTOs) prepare for and implement revised training packages, the Australian Government Minister for Vocational Education and Skills and state and territory Skills Ministers have agreed to temporarily increase the period allowed to transition students to the updated training package qualifications under Standard 1.26 (a) of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

RTOs will now have 18 months instead of 12 months from the date the superseding training product was released on the National Register ( to transition students to the updated training package qualifications or complete their studies and issue the appropriate certification.

This provision only applies for training products endorsed by the AISC from September 2015 until March 2016.

A list of the qualifications that the 18 month period applies to is available at

RTOs are able to enrol learners in and deliver the revised training products prior to the 18 month transition date once your RTO’s scope of registration has been updated by the VET Regulator and, if required, the purchasing arrangements are in place for the relevant state and territory for government funded delivery.

In relation to training where a qualification is superseded but not replaced by a new qualification (standard 1.26 (b) of the standards), the VET Regulator will continue to remove the qualification from the RTO’s scope of registration two years from the date the qualification was removed or deleted from the National Register.

RTOs delivering training funded by state government agencies should ensure that funding arrangements cover this extended period. The New South Wales government will be in contact directly with training market stakeholders about implementation of this in New South Wales.

For questions relating to the implementation of this, please contact your VET Regulator. is the national register for training in Australia and contains the authoritative information about Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Nationally Recognised Training (NRT), and the approved scope of each RTOs to deliver NRT as required in national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia. For more information about, please visit about

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