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SFISTR301 - Operate refrigerated storerooms (Release 1)


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Supersedes and is equivalent to SFISTOR301C - Operate refrigerated storeroomsUpdated to meet Standards for Training Packages 20/Jun/2019

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1 1 (this release) 21/Jun/2019


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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 110111 Food Hygiene 

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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 110111 Food Hygiene 21/Jun/2019 
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Unit Of competency

Modification History



Release 1

This version released with SFI Seafood Industry Training Package Version 1.0.


This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to set up and manage cool rooms and freezer storage rooms for seafood products. It includes the ability to set up the storeroom to ensure correct air flow and product storage temperature, rotate and place stock to avoid cross-contamination, record stock and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the storeroom.

This unit applies to individuals who work under broad direction and operate and manage cool room and freezer storage rooms in seafood cooperatives and other businesses where products are held.

All work must be carried out to comply with workplace procedures, according to state/territory health and safety, food safety and environmental regulations, legislation and standards that apply to the workplace. Licences may be required if operating load-shifting equipment, such as forklifts.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Pre-requisite Unit


Unit Sector

Seafood Storage (STR)

Elements and Performance Criteria


Performance Criteria

Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Set up refrigerated storage rooms

1.1 Fit and use personal protective equipment and ensure storage room is clean according to food safety and workplace requirements

1.2 Place shelving or other appropriate material into refrigerated equipment rooms to ensure even flow of refrigerated air throughout room and between products

1.3 Check closing alarm system, lighting, and on and off switches to ensure systems are fully operational and safe working conditions within the closed room

1.4 Check air curtain or plastic strips across the door of the storage room are operational, to ensure minimal temperature fluctuations

1.5 Use temperature probes or temperature data loggers to check and record temperatures of the storage room

1.6 Report operational maintenance requirements to relevant personnel

2. Place product in refrigerated storage rooms

2.1 Place newly arrived product in the refrigerated storage rooms according to workplace procedures

2.2 Reduce temperature of warm product to required level before being placed in the refrigerated storage rooms

2.3 Store product on a 'first-in-first-out' basis, ensuring labels are intact, legible and visible

2.4 Set aside product without adequate labelling and report to the relevant personnel

2.5 Place and safely stack chilled or frozen product to ensure that correct air flow is maintained and product is kept at the required temperature

2.6 Store fresh product to ensure no cross-contamination occurs from one product to another

3. Maintain stock in refrigerated storage rooms

3.1 Check fresh product to ensure that there is sufficient ice mixed throughout and covering product

3.2 Collect and move potable ice using clean shovels and bins

3.3 Place product on shelving to avoid cross-contamination

4. Stocktake product

4.1 Check product for freshness and signs of spoilage, and dispose of unsatisfactory product according to workplace and environmental requirements

4.2 Enter count records on fresh product daily according to workplace requirements

4.3 Make records on frozen product on a regular basis according to workplace requirements

5. Clean refrigerated storage rooms

5.1 Clean cool rooms using chemicals and equipment according to workplace cleaning and hygiene procedures

5.2 Sweep and keep tidy frozen storage rooms according to workplace cleaning procedures

5.3 Use methods to control vermin according to workplace procedures

Foundation Skills

This section describes those language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills that are essential for performance in this unit of competency but are not explicit in the performance criteria.




  • Identifies product weights for manual lifting purposes


  • Interprets workplace procedures

Navigate the world of work

  • Takes steps to develop skills and knowledge of product

Interact with others

  • Selects and uses appropriate terminology when communicating with others

Get the work done

  • Operates manual load-shifting equipment
  • Uses digital technologies, including temperature probes and data loggers

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Equivalence status

SFISTR301 Operate refrigerated storerooms

SFISTOR301C Operate refrigerated storerooms

Updated to meet Standards for Training Packages

Equivalent unit


Companion Volumes, including Implementation Guides, are available at VETNet: - https://vetnet.gov.au/Pages/TrainingDocs.aspx?q=e31d8c6b-1608-4d77-9f71-9ee749456273


Assessment requirements

Modification History



Release 1

This version released with SFI Seafood Industry Training Package Version 1.0.

Performance Evidence

An individual demonstrating competency must satisfy all of the elements and performance criteria in this unit.

There must be evidence that the individual has set up and managed a refrigerated and freezer storeroom on at least one occasion, including:

  • fitting and using personal protective equipment
  • checking refrigerated air flow and storeroom systems are operational
  • inspecting and removing product with spoilage and labelling faults
  • safely placing and stacking product on a 'first-in-first-out' (FIFO) basis and in a manner to avoid cross-contamination
  • maintaining stock freshness within safe temperature range
  • keeping accurate records on fresh and frozen product
  • maintaining hygienic refrigerated storage rooms.

Knowledge Evidence

An individual must be able to demonstrate the knowledge required to perform the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit. This includes knowledge of:

  • operation of refrigerated storeroom systems used for seafood stock
  • temperature storage requirements of fresh and frozen product
  • FIFO system of stock rotation
  • safe working practices for cold and confined spaces, manual handling and load shifting
  • relevant legislation relating to operating refrigerated storerooms
  • food safety and hygiene regulations and procedures for operating refrigerated storerooms, including:
  • temperature control
  • hygienic handling and storage of fresh and frozen seafood
  • personal and workplace hygiene.

Assessment Conditions

Assessment of skills must take place under the following conditions:

  • physical conditions:
  • skills must be demonstrated in a seafood refrigerated storage workplace setting or an environment that accurately represents workplace conditions
  • resources, equipment and materials:
  • personal protective equipment
  • chilled and fresh seafood, such as whole fish, fish fillets, opened raw oysters and cooked crustaceans
  • refrigerated storage room
  • freezer storage room and cartons of frozen product with different date-of-production labels
  • ice and ice-moving equipment
  • temperature recording devices
  • specifications:
  • company specifications
  • stock order specifications
  • workplace procedures for setting and managing refrigerated storerooms, including advice on food safety and hygiene, health and safety, and environmental requirements.

Assessors of this unit must satisfy the requirements for assessors in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.


Companion Volumes, including Implementation Guides, are available at VETNet: - https://vetnet.gov.au/Pages/TrainingDocs.aspx?q=e31d8c6b-1608-4d77-9f71-9ee749456273