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RIIOGD209D - Operate and maintain ancillary equipment (Release 1)


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Supersedes and is equivalent to RIIOGD209A - Operate and maintain ancillary equipment 13/Nov/2013
Is superseded by and equivalent to RIIOGD209E - Operate and maintain ancillary equipment 13/Dec/2015

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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 030717 Plant And Machine Operations  

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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 030717 Plant And Machine Operations  02/May/2014 
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Unit of competency

Modification History

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This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to apply operate and maintain ancillary equipment in Drilling.

This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles.

Licensing, legislative, regulatory and certification requirements that apply to this unit can vary between states, territories, and industry sectors. Relevant information must be sourced prior to application of the unit.

Unit Sector

  • Drilling

Elements and Performance Criteria

1 Plan and prepare for operating and maintaining ancillary equipment

1.1 Access, interpret and apply operations and maintenance for ancillary equipment documentation, and ensure the work activity is compliant

1.2 Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements

1.3 Identify and address potential risks, hazards and environmental issues and implement control measures

1.4 Select the personal protective equipment appropriate for the work activity

1.5 Resolve coordination requirements with others at the site prior to commencing, during and on completion of work activities and ensure briefings/handover details are read/passed on

1.6 Confirm availability and status of necessary permits to work

1.7 Confirm availability of necessary third party utilities

2 Maintain pumps

2.1 Inspect lubrication, brake cooling and oil flushing pumps for leaks or abnormal operation

2.2 Lubricate pumps

2.3 Replace packing in centrifugal pumps

3. Operate, maintain and repair gate valves associated with mud system

3.1 Identify, locate and wear correct personal protective equipment

3.2 Align, open and close valves

3.3 Lubricate valve stems as required

3.4 Identify defective parts in valves and replace

4.Operate and maintain chemical mixing pumps and equipment

4.1 Identify faults or potential faults and report immediately

4.2 Identify, record in writing and/or report requirement for repair or maintenance

4.3 Perform equipment checks regularly and efficiently

4.4 Line up valves properly

4.5 Engage mixing and transfer pumps

4.6 Lubricate valves, mixing pumps and transfer pumps

4.7 Replace defective or malfunctioning parts and valves on pumps

4.8 Clean and inspect mixing hopper and mixing area

4.9 Isolate equipment as required

Foundation Skills

Foundation skills essential to performance are explicit in the performance criteria of this unit. Further information is available in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package Companion Volume.

Unit Mapping Information

RIIOGD209A Operate and maintain ancillary equipment


Companion Volume implementation guides are found in VETNet - https://vetnet.gov.au/Pages/TrainingDocs.aspx?q=88a61002-9a21-4386-aaf8-69c76e675272


Assessment requirements

Modification History

Not applicable.

Performance Evidence

Evidence is required to be collected that demonstrates a candidate’s competency in this unit. Evidence must be relevant to the roles within this sector’s work operations and satisfy all of the requirements of the performance criteria of this unit and include evidence that the candidate:

  • locates and applies relevant legislation, documentation, policies and procedures
  • implements the requirements, procedures and techniques for the safe, effective and efficient completion of ancillary equipment operation and maintenance including:
  • maintaining pumps in pump room
  • recognising and reporting equipment malfunction or failure
  • aligning, opening and closing valves as appropriate
  • using safety equipment, including fire protection, First Aid and vessel entry equipment
  • demonstrates consistent timely completion of ancillary equipment operation and maintenance that safely, effectively and efficiently meet all of the required outcomes on a minimum of one (1) occasion including:
  • isolating and looking out equipment as required works effectively with others to undertake and complete the operation and maintenance of ancillary equipment that meets all of the required outcomes including:
  • supervise and train subordinates to provided standards
  • work as directed by driller timely and efficiently
  • performing equipment checks on five (5) separate pieces of equipment from the list:
  • mixing pumps
  • change pumps
  • desander
  • desilter
  • centrifuges
  • degaser
  • piping
  • valves
  • agitators
  • caustic mixing system
  • mud guns
  • mixing hoppers
  • shearing devices
  • (PVT) system
  • pit volume totaliser
  • lubrication pumps
  • bolt material system
  • chemical handling system
  • dust/fuel extraction system
  • lubricating valve stems
  • replacing defective parts in valves
  • operating and maintaining chemical mixing pumps and equipment
  • cleaning and inspecting mixing hopper and mixing area

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge in operate and maintain ancillary equipment through:

  • mud system ancillary equipment
  • complying with company and statutory safety guidelines, procedures and practices
  • performing safe operating procedures when operating equipment
  • identifying and complying with rig maintenance
  • identifying normal drilling operations
  • use of communication methods, including:
  • 2-way radio
  • intercom
  • telephone
  • oral instruction
  • written instruction
  • hand signals
  • telephone
  • public address system
  • adjusting operations to suit weather conditions, including:
  • day/night
  • storm/lightning
  • hot/cold
  • wet/dry
  • non-routine drilling operations
  • discharge types and characteristics, including liquids, gases and solids
  • material characteristics, including flammable, toxic, corrosive and explosive
  • man management/rig management
  • permit to work system
  • equipment isolation procedures
  • using specialised hand tools

Assessment Conditions

  • An assessor of this unit must satisfy the requirements of the NVR/AQTF or their successors; and Industry regulations for certification and licensing; and,
  • this unit must be assessed in the context of this sector’s work environment; and,
  • this unit must be assessed using Resources and Infrastructure Industry sector specific policies, procedures, processes and operational manuals; and,
  • an assessor must demonstrate the performance evidence, and knowledge evidence as outlined in this Unit of Competency, and through five (5) years of work in the Industry sector; and,
  • where a co-assessment or partnership arrangement exists between a qualified assessor and an Industry technical expert, the Industry technical expert can hold the unit being assessed, and/or demonstrate equivalency of skills and knowledge at the unit level. An Industry technical expert must also demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years of continuous work in the Industry sector, with the preceding one (1) year in the unit they are co-assessing.


Companion Volume implementation guides are found in VETNet - https://vetnet.gov.au/Pages/TrainingDocs.aspx?q=88a61002-9a21-4386-aaf8-69c76e675272