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MEM05 - Metal and Engineering Training Package (Release 11.1)


ReleaseStatusRelease dateApproval process
11.1 (this release)Current 05/Jun/2014Minor upgrade (Approval date: 05/Jun/2014)
(View details for release 11.0) Replaced15/Dec/2013 Endorsement date: 05/Dec/2013
(View details for release 10.1) Replaced15/Sep/2013 Minor upgrade (Approval date: 12/Sep/2013)
(View details for release 10.0) Replaced27/Aug/2013 Endorsement date: 15/Aug/2013
(View details for release 9.1) Replaced20/Mar/2013 Minor upgrade (Approval date: 20/Mar/2013)
(View details for release 9.0) Replaced20/Dec/2012 Endorsement date: 05/Dec/2012
(View details for release 8.1) Replaced29/Aug/2012 Minor upgrade (Approval date: 29/Aug/2012)
(View details for release 8.0) Replaced25/Jun/2012 Endorsement date: 14/Jun/2012
(View details for release 7.0) Replaced16/Mar/2012 Endorsement date: 23/Feb/2012
(View details for release 6.0) Replaced21/Dec/2011 Endorsement date: 08/Dec/2011
(View details for release 5.0) Replaced27/Sep/2011 Endorsement date: 24/Jun/2011
(View details for release 4.0) Replaced16/Jul/2011 Endorsement date: 14/Apr/2011
(View details for release 3.0) Replaced01/Dec/2005 Endorsement date: 01/Dec/2005

Usage recommendation:
Supersedes MEM98 - Metal And Engineering Industry Training Package (Superseded by MEM05) 01/Dec/2005

Following the establishment of the new training package development process, any references to the former Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) found in the content of this training package or its components should be referred to the Skills Service Organisation listed below.

Training Package Developer

Innovation and Business Skills Australia 
Group name:
Innovation & Business Skills Australia 
Job title:
(03) 9815 7099 
+61 3 9815 7001 
Level 11
176 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne VIC 3002 



Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Certificate I'Qualification Level: Certificate I

 MEM10205 - Certificate I in Boating ServicesCertificate I in Boating Services Current
 MEM10105 - Certificate I in EngineeringCertificate I in Engineering Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Certificate II'Qualification Level: Certificate II

 MEM20105 - Certificate II in EngineeringCertificate II in Engineering Current
 MEM20205 - Certificate II in Engineering - Production TechnologyCertificate II in Engineering - Production Technology Current
 MEM20305 - Certificate II in Boating ServicesCertificate II in Boating Services Current
 MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering PathwaysCertificate II in Engineering Pathways Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Certificate III'Qualification Level: Certificate III

 MEM30605 - Certificate III in Jewellery ManufactureCertificate III in Jewellery Manufacture Current
 MEM30405 - Certificate III in Engineering - Electrical/Electronic TradeCertificate III in Engineering - Electrical/Electronic Trade Current
 MEM30905 - Certificate III in Boating ServicesCertificate III in Boating Services Current
 MEM30705 - Certificate III in Marine Craft ConstructionCertificate III in Marine Craft Construction Current
 MEM30305 - Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication TradeCertificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade Current
 MEM30505 - Certificate III in Engineering - TechnicalCertificate III in Engineering - Technical Current
 MEM30105 - Certificate III in Engineering - Production SystemsCertificate III in Engineering - Production Systems Current
 MEM30805 - Certificate III in LocksmithingCertificate III in Locksmithing Current
 MEM30205 - Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical TradeCertificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade Current
 MEM31010 - Certificate III in Watch and Clock Service and RepairCertificate III in Watch and Clock Service and Repair Current
 MEM31112 - Certificate III in Engineering - Composites TradeCertificate III in Engineering - Composites Trade Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Certificate IV'Qualification Level: Certificate IV

 MEM40105 - Certificate IV in EngineeringCertificate IV in Engineering Current
 MEM40205 - Certificate IV in Boating ServicesCertificate IV in Boating Services Current
 MEM40311 - Certificate IV in Advanced Jewellery ManufactureCertificate IV in Advanced Jewellery Manufacture Current
 MEM40412 - Certificate IV in Engineering DraftingCertificate IV in Engineering Drafting Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Diploma'Qualification Level: Diploma

 MEM50105 - Diploma of Engineering - Advanced TradeDiploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade Current
 MEM50311 - Diploma of Jewellery and Object DesignDiploma of Jewellery and Object Design Current
 MEM50212 - Diploma of Engineering - TechnicalDiploma of Engineering - Technical Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Advanced Diploma'Qualification Level: Advanced Diploma

 MEM60211 - Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object DesignAdvanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design Current
 MEM60112 - Advanced Diploma of EngineeringAdvanced Diploma of Engineering Current

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Graduate Diploma'Qualification Level: Graduate Diploma

 MEM80112 - Graduate Diploma of EngineeringGraduate Diploma of Engineering Current

Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Title columnUsageReleaseSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Release column
MEM05024B - Perform welding supervisionPerform welding supervision Current
MEM05025C - Perform welding/fabrication inspectionPerform welding/fabrication inspection Current
MEM05026C - Apply welding principlesApply welding principles Current
MEM05027A - Perform aluminothermic weldingPerform aluminothermic welding Current
MEM05036C - Repair/replace/modify fabricationsRepair/replace/modify fabrications Current
MEM05037C - Perform geometric developmentPerform geometric development Current
MEM05038B - Perform advanced geometric development - cylindrical/rectangularPerform advanced geometric development - cylindrical/rectangular Current
MEM05039B - Perform advanced geometric development - conicalPerform advanced geometric development - conical Current
MEM05040B - Perform advanced geometric development - transitionsPerform advanced geometric development - transitions Current
MEM05041B - Weld using powder flame sprayingWeld using powder flame spraying Current
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Imported units of competency

CodeTitleSort Table listing Imported units of competency by the Title columnUsageReleaseSort Table listing Imported units of competency by the Release columnBelongs to training package
AURVTN2002 - Carry out panel repairsCarry out panel repairs SupersededAUR12 - Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package
BSALF401A - Maintain trust accountsMaintain trust accounts DeletedBSA97 - Administration (Superseded by BSB01)
BSBADM402A - Produce complex business documentsProduce complex business documents DeletedBSB01 - Business Services Training Package (Superseded by BSB07)
BSBADM408A - Prepare financial reportsPrepare financial reports DeletedBSB01 - Business Services Training Package (Superseded by BSB07)
BSBCMM401A - Make a presentationMake a presentation SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBCMN406A - Maintain business technologyMaintain business technology DeletedBSB01 - Business Services Training Package (Superseded by BSB07)
BSBCMN408A - Report on financial activityReport on financial activity DeletedBSB01 - Business Services Training Package (Superseded by BSB07)
BSBCRT401A - Articulate, present and debate ideasArticulate, present and debate ideas SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBCRT402A - Collaborate in a creative processCollaborate in a creative process SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBCRT501A - Originate and develop conceptsOriginate and develop concepts SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
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