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ICA60105 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Release 1)


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1 1 (this release)Current 08/Jul/2010

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Is superseded by and equivalent to ICA60111 - Advanced Diploma of Information TechnologyICA60105 core units updated and reduced. Removal of entry requirements and prerequisites. Qualification made more flexible. Elective units added and technical content updated. Range of specialisations reduced from four to two elective groups only (Systems or Software Process Improvement and eLearning deleted). Two specialist groups available: • knowledge management • systems development. OUTCOMES DEEMED EQUIVALENT. 17/Jul/2011

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Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Title columnEssential
BSBEBUS501A - Evaluate e-business opportunitiesEvaluate e-business opportunities N/A
BSBEBUS504A - Implement an e-business strategyImplement an e-business strategy N/A
BSBEBUS505A - Implement new technologies for businessImplement new technologies for business N/A
BSBEBUS510A - Manage e-business outsourcingManage e-business outsourcing N/A
BSBEBUS511A - Implement a knowledge management strategy for an e-businessImplement a knowledge management strategy for an e-business N/A
BSBEBUS601A - Develop an e-business strategyDevelop an e-business strategy N/A
BSBEBUS605A - Identify and implement e-business innovationIdentify and implement e-business innovation N/A
BSBFLM510B - Facilitate and capitalise on change and innovationFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation N/A
BSBFLM514A - Manage peopleManage people N/A
BSBMGT516A - Facilitate continuous improvementFacilitate continuous improvement N/A
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SchemeCodeClassification value
ANZSCO Identifier 313100 Ict Support Technicians 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 2231 Computing Professionals 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0203 Information Systems 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 411 Advanced Diploma 
Taxonomy - Industry Sector N/A Systems Analysis and Design,Information Technology Programming,Information Technology Support Services,Information Technology (Networking),Business Administration 
Taxonomy - Occupation N/A Enterprise Architecture Manager,eLearning Manager,Enterprise Application Integration Consultant 

Classification history

SchemeCodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
ANZSCO Identifier 313100 Ict Support Technicians 08/Jul/2010 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 2231 Computing Professionals 08/Jul/2010 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0203 Information Systems 08/Jul/2010 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 411 Advanced Diploma 08/Jul/2010 
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This qualification provides high level ICT, process improvement and business skills and knowledge to enable an individual to be effective in senior ICT roles within organisations. The qualification builds on a core management base with streaming and electives choice to suit particular ICT and business needs.

The qualification accommodates a number of qualifications from ICA99 Version 3, specifically:

This qualification also provides a logical next step as a capstone qualification for ICT Diploma graduates and could also be entered on a 'discipline transfer' basis for individuals without ICA05 qualifications.

It has 4 specialist streams each with definable vocational outcomes:

Systems or Software Process Improvement Stream  Designed to equip people to undertake high level systems and software improvement. These process improvement activities may be ISA15504, ISO9000, CMMI or other equivalent system.

Systems Development  Stream Focuses on the development of high level strategic planning and evaluation skills, which underpin ICT technical decision making in the development and execution of web, database and related systems technology solutions for business. It imports several units with research and security assessment, which round out the strong ICT technical and managerial base underpinning this stream.

E-learning Stream  A 'blend' based on the common core of innovation, change and project management with the e-learning stream it provides a design and development focus in e-learning. By judicious choice of electives, it can inject the appropriate ICT robustness of technical foundations recommended for online and interactive delivery. Possible job titles include E-learning Business Development Manager, ICT Curriculum Manager, E-learning Developer, Online Training Manager.

Knowledge Management Stream  This stream also incorporates a number of imported business units provide knowledge and skills for managing the acquisition, analysis and distribution of information and knowledge. In the context of growing commercial needs in this area, the stream is designed to provide individuals with the fundamental ICT skills to develop, implement and manage a range of systems, procedures and work practices to capture, share and leverage business information and knowledge. Based on a core of strong ICT skills covering fields such as data modelling, database design and warehousing, the stream also recognises other necessary skills by incorporating communication and business strategy and policy formulation. Possible job titles include Business Intelligence Consultant, Information Architect, Knowledge Manager.

The overall qualification structure provides flexibility to pick up studies in areas other than the listed 'streams' such as e-business, marketing, business development and project management based on the wide choice of electives from General Electives list and the opportunity to select up to 25 per cent of total units from any other Training Package.

Job Roles 

Vocational outcomes will vary with the fields of studies and streams selected. Guidance is provided within several streams above and additional information (adjusted for the different levels) can be found in Diploma level qualifications in the same area of ICT (software, database and web development).

Pathways Information

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Licensing/Regulatory Information

Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements 

The following units contain the basic fundamentals of ICT knowledge and skills for all qualifications at Certificate III in IT and above. These units or demonstrated equivalence are required for entry into this qualification:

BSBCMN106A Follow workplace safety procedures

ICAD2012B Design organisational documents using computing packages

ICAU1128B Operate a personal computer

ICAU2005B Operate computer hardware

ICAU2006B Operate computing packages

ICAU2013B Integrate commercial computing packages

ICAU2231B Use computer operating system

ICAW2001B Work effectively in an IT environment

ICAW2002B Communicate in the workplace

Employability Skills Summary

Employability Skills Summary 

ICA60105 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology 

The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required for a Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill 

Industry requirements for this qualification include :


  • negotiating with stakeholders and team members
  • using a range of communication styles to suit different audiences and purposes
  • using communication skills to achieve stakeholder engagement


  • coordinating groups and teams
  • participating in teams including teams concerned with planning and evaluation functions

Problem Solving

  • managing processes related to business involves analysis, documentation and process re engineering across a broad range of technical and managerial functions, including identifying technical and human processes interactions

Initiative and Enterprise

  • generating ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level
  • initiating alternative approaches to skills or knowledge applications across a broad range of technical and/or management requirements, including evaluation and coordination
  • participating in development of strategic initiatives

Planning and Organising

  • analysing and planning approaches to technical problems or management requirements
  • planning, implementing and monitoring information technology change


  • applying ethical decision making and problem-solving related to project management of complex projects
  • having personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organising others
  • self directing application of knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas where judgement is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques for self and others
  • taking responsibility for own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality parameters


  • leading and mentoring people to achieve project outcomes
  • transferring and applying theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations


  • identifying high level hardware, software and network requirements and implementing solutions

Packaging Rules

Qualification Structure 

To attain the ICA60105 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology 16 units must be achieved:

  • 3 common core units; plus
  • 5 specialist core stream units - Systems or Software Process Improvement; or
  • 5 specialist core stream units - Systems Development; or
  • 5 specialist core stream units - E-learning; or
  • 5 specialist core stream units - Knowledge Management; plus
  • 8 elective units

Achieve 3 Common Core Units 

Common Core 

BSBEBUS605A Identify and implement e-business innovation

ICAI6187B Implement change management processes

PSPPM601B Direct complex project activities

Achieve 5 Core Units Chosen from 1 of the following Specialist Core Streams  (Systems or Software Process Improvement, Systems Development, E-learning, Knowledge Management)

Specialist Core Stream  - Systems or Software Process Improvement 

BSBEBUS609A Develop a knowledge management strategy for an e-business

BSBMGT516A Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBFLM510B Facilitate and capitalise on change and innovation

ICAA6149B Implement quality assurance processes for business solutions

ICAA6157B Develop technical requirements for a business solution

Specialist Core Stream  - Systems Development 

ICAA5035C Research and review hardware technology options for organisations

ICAA6149B Implement quality assurance processes for business solutions

ICAA6157B Develop technical requirements for a business solution

ICAP6040B Develop contracts and manage contracted performance

PRSTS301A Identify technical security requirements

Specialist Core Stream  - E-Learning 

CUFDIG502A Design web environments

TAAASS501B Lead and coordinate assessment systems and services

TAADEL503B Provide advanced facilitation to support learning

TAADES501B Design and develop learning strategies

TAAENV501B Maintain and enhance professional practice

Specialist Core Stream  - Knowledge Management 

BSBEBUS511A Implement a knowledge management strategy for an e-business

BSBEBUS609A Develop a knowledge management strategy for an e-business

ICAI5216B Monitor and improve knowledge management system

ICAA5150C Evaluate vendor products and equipment

ICAA5138B Determine acceptable developers for projects

Achieve 8 elective units chosen from the following sources (listed in preferential order)

  • any ICA60105  Specialist Core Stream above (units not already taken); and/or
  • any ICA60105  Specialist Electives Stream below; and/or
  • ICA60105  General Electives list below; and/or
  • ICA05 Information and Communications Technology Training Package  at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level units and which have not been previously counted in a Diploma qualification; and/or
  • any other Training Package units at Advanced Diploma (to a maximum of 4 units) based on documented industry or enterprise needs

Specialist Electives Stream  - Systems or Software Process Improvement 

BSBEBUS505A Implement new technologies for business

BSBMGT516A Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBWOR502A Ensure team effectiveness

BSBFLM514A Manage people

BSBMGT608B Manage innovation and continuous improvement

BSBPMG508A Manage project risk

ICAP5036B Determine appropriate IT strategies and solutions

ICAP6038B Develop strategic and action plans

Specialist Electives Stream  - Systems Development 

ICAA5046B Model preferred system solutions

ICAA5050B Develop detailed component specifications from project specifications

ICAA5139B Design a database

ICAA5141C Design and develop dynamic websites to meet technical requirements

ICAA5146B Develop website information architecture

ICAA5147B Determine suitability of database functionality and scalability

ICAA5148B Select new technology models for business

ICAA5153B Model data objects

ICAA5154B Model data processes

ICAB5068B Build using rapid application development

ICAB5165B Create dynamic web pages

ICAB5180C Integrate database with a website

ICAS5118C Manage system security

ICAS5199B Manage business websites and servers

ICAS5203B Evaluate and select a web hosting service

ICAT5081B Perform systems test

ICAT5083B Develop and conduct client acceptance test

ICAU5208B Use site server tools for transaction management

Specialist Electives Stream  - E-Learning 

BSBEBUS501A Evaluate e-business opportunities

BSBEBUS505A Implement new technologies for business

BSBEBUS513A Plan e-learning

BSBEBUS514A Implement e-learning

BSBEBUS515A Facilitate e-learning

BSBWOR502A Ensure team effectiveness

BSBMGT615A Contribute to organisational development

BSBRKG608B Plan management of records over time

CUFWRT601A Write scripts

CUFWRT07A Write an interactive sequence for multimedia

CUSGEN03A Collaborate with colleagues in planning and producing a project

ICAA5035C Research and review hardware technology options for organisations

ICAA5143C Implement process re-engineering strategies in an organisation

ICAS5199B Manage business websites and servers

ICAS5203B Evaluate and select a web hosting service

Specialist Electives Stream  - Knowledge Management 

BSBEBUS512A Implement electronic communication policy

ICAA5143C Implement process re-engineering strategies in an organisation

ICAP5155B Plan process re-engineering strategies for business

ICAB5062B Perform data conversion

ICAB5063B Monitor and support data conversion

ICAB5164B Create a data warehouse

ICAI5096B Complete data transition

General Electives 

BSBEBUS501A Evaluate e-business opportunities

BSBEBUS503A Design an e-business

BSBEBUS504A Implement an e-business strategy

BSBEBUS505A Implement new technologies for business

BSBEBUS510A Manage e-business outsourcing

BSBEBUS601A Develop an e-business strategy

BSBPMG505A Manage project quality

BSBPMG601A Direct the integration of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG602A Direct the scope of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG603A Direct time management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG604A Direct cost management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG605A Direct quality management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG606A Direct human resources management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG607A Direct communications management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG608A Direct risk management of multiple projects/programs

BSBPMG609A Direct procurement and contracts of multiple projects/programs

ICAI5152B Implement risk management processes

ICAI5253A Implement and evaluate systems for regulatory and standards compliance

ICAP5036B Determine appropriate IT strategies and solutions

ICAP6040B Develop contracts and manage contracted performance

ICTTC168A Design and implement an enterprise VoIP&unified communications network

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites Requirements 

There are no specific prerequisites for ICA05 core units in this qualification, however prerequisite arrangements for non-ICA05 core and any elective units should be checked with the originating Training Package.

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