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FNS41411 - Certificate IV in General Insurance (Release 2)


Usage recommendation:
Supersedes and is equivalent to FNS41410 - Certificate IV in General InsuranceOHS unit changes in the core from BSBOHS303B to BSBOHS201A to better reflect workplace requirements; technology unit BSBITS401A removed from the core as no longer requirement of the workplace; packaging rules adjusted to reflect the unit removal - OUTCOMES EQUIVALENT 15/Jan/2012
Is superseded by and equivalent to FNS41415 - Certificate IV in General InsuranceUpdated to meet Standards for Training Packages. 24/Mar/2015

ReleaseRelease date
2 (this release) 18/Jul/2013
(View details for release 1) 16/Jan/2012

Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Title columnUsage RecommendationSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Usage Recommendation columnEssentialSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Essential column
FNSISV403A - Survey potential risk exposureSurvey potential risk exposureSupersededN/A
FNSSAM402A - Implement a sales planImplement a sales planSupersededN/A
FNSIAD501A - Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clientsProvide appropriate services, advice and products to clientsSupersededN/A
BSBCUS301B - Deliver and monitor a service to customersDeliver and monitor a service to customersSupersededElective
BSBWOR401A - Establish effective workplace relationshipsEstablish effective workplace relationshipsSupersededN/A
BSBCUS401B - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategiesCoordinate implementation of customer service strategiesSupersededElective
FNSISV402A - Underwrite new businessUnderwrite new businessSupersededN/A
BSBCCO405A - Survey stakeholders to gather and record informationSurvey stakeholders to gather and record informationSupersededElective
FNSSAM401A - Sell financial products and servicesSell financial products and servicesSupersededN/A
FNSCUS401A - Participate in negotiationsParticipate in negotiationsSupersededN/A
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SchemeCodeClassification value
ANZSCO Identifier 611211 Insurance Agent 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 5993-11 Insurance Agent 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0811 Banking, Finance And Related Fields 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 511 Certificate IV 
Taxonomy - Industry Sector N/A Insurance 
Taxonomy - Occupation N/A Insurance Officer,Insurance Claims Supervisor 

Classification history

SchemeCodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
ANZSCO Identifier 611211 Insurance Agent 02/Oct/2012 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 5993-11 Insurance Agent 02/Oct/2012 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0811 Banking, Finance And Related Fields 02/Oct/2012 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 511 Certificate IV 16/Jan/2012 
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Modification History



Release 2

This version released with FNS10 Financial Services Training Package version 5.0.

Updated imported units:
BSBCCO402A Gather, collate and record information replaced by equivalent unit BSBCCO405A Survey stakeholders to gather and record information;

Advice relating to ASIC requirements removed from the qualification.

Qualification outcomes remain unchanged.

Release 1

This Qualification first release with FNS10 Financial Services Training Package version 2.0.

Replaced BSBOHS303B Contribute to OHS hazard identification and risk assessment with BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes. This is considered a more appropriate unit for this qualification.

BSBITS401A Maintain business technology has been removed from the qualification as an inappropriate unit.

Packaging rule for this qualification have been changed to 4 core units and 8 electives,

Replaces FNS41410 Certificate IV in General Insurance.


This qualification is designed to reflect the role of persons carrying out work in general insurance in a range of organisations.

Possible work functions may include:

  • analysing insurance claims
  • applying procedures and strategies for retaining and enhancing the customer relationship
  • gathering risk information
  • motor and home assessors
  • sales and support
  • reviewing and assessing risk information.

Pathways Information

Pathways into the qualification 

Preferred pathways for candidates entering this qualification include:

  • Certificate III in General Insurance

Pathways from the qualification 

The primary pathway from this qualification is employment in an assistant role in general insurance involving functions such as:

  • claims handling
  • determining risk exposure
  • dispute resolution
  • providing customer service
  • underwriting.

A further learning pathway utilising a qualification such as Diploma of General Insurance or one of the specialist qualifications would support career progression.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

Work functions in the occupational areas where this qualification may be used are subject to regulatory requirements. You should refer to the IBSA website (www.ibsa.org.au) or the relevant regulator for specific guidance on requirements.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Employability Skills Summary

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills required by industry for this qualification. The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill 

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include: 


  • communicating ideas and information cognisant of clients' social and cultural diversity and special needs
  • consulting and negotiating with internal and external stakeholders
  • consulting, questioning, clarifying and evaluating information
  • demonstrating selling skills including matching needs with products/services
  • interpreting customer needs
  • investigating and negotiating to resolve disputes within area of responsibility
  • possessing sound presentation skills with an ability to 'read' verbal and non-verbal body language
  • using a range of techniques to elicit feedback from customers
  • using specialist language in written and oral communication
  • using well-developed interpersonal skills and having the ability to produce a wide range of reports and make presentations as required
  • writing in a range of styles to suit different audiences


  • coaching and mentoring staff to reach minimum customer service standards
  • developing a rapport with clients when identifying their needs, objectives and financial situation
  • developing team plans and contributing to team cohesion
  • making constructive contributions to group decision making processes
  • providing feedback to team members

Problem solving

  • conducting needs analyses
  • estimating, forecasting and conducting competitive comparisons
  • performing calculations and developing a risk investment profile for individual clients
  • resolving poor performance issues within scope of responsibility
  • working proactively with management to resolve workplace issues

Initiative and enterprise

  • being creative and providing innovative solutions to complex issues
  • responding to new and changing circumstances to ensure accurate and timely advice

Planning and organising

  • evaluating and authorising payment requests
  • maintaining accounts records for compliance purposes
  • preparing financial reports
  • recording, gathering and classifying information


  • acting as a role model for others
  • taking to management concerns with own level of responsibility
  • working ethically and complying with all industry codes of practice and legislative requirements


  • applying learning to develop improved practices
  • coaching and mentoring others to acquire new knowledge and skills
  • contributing to the learning of others through implementing team building exercises
  • developing and maintaining professional competency


  • selecting and using technology and software packages to record, track and retrieve information
  • using electronic communication devices and processes (e.g. internet, intranet, fact finder, email) to produce written correspondence, charts, diagrams, schedules and reports

Packaging Rules

12 units  must be achieved.

4 core units 

plus 8 elective units 

5 elective units  must be selected from the elective units listed below

3 elective units  may be selected from the elective units listed below or units from a Certificate IV elsewhere in the Financial Services Training Package. 2 of these elective units  may be selected from any endorsed Training Package or accredited course. These elective units may be selected from a Certificate IV or Diploma qualification.

Elective units must be relevant to the work outcome, local industry requirements and the qualification level.

Core units of competency: 

  • FNSINC401A Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
  • FNSINC402A Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of products and services used by an organisation or sector
  • BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes
  • BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships

Elective units of competency: 

  • FNSASIC301C Establish client relationship and analyse needs
  • FNSASIC302C Develop, present and negotiate client solutions
  • FNSASIC304A Provide Tier 2 general advice in general insurance
  • FNSASIC305A Provide Tier 2 personal advice in general insurance
  • FNSCUS401A Participate in negotiations
  • FNSCUS402A Resolve disputes
  • FNSCUS505A Determine client requirements and expectations
  • FNSCUS506A Record and implement client instructions
  • FNSIAD501A Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients
  • FNSINC501A Conduct product research to support recommendations
  • FNSISV401A Evaluate risk for new business
  • FNSISV402A Underwrite new business
  • FNSISV403A Survey potential risk exposure
  • FNSISV404A Underwrite renewal business
  • FNSISV405A Analyse insurance claims
  • FNSISV406A Use specialist terminology in insurance claims
  • FNSSAM401A Sell financial products and services
  • FNSSAM402A Implement a sales plan
  • FNSSAM403A Prospect for new clients
  • BSBCCO405A Survey stakeholders to gather and record information
  • BSBCUS301B Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • BSBCUS401B Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
  • BSBCUS403B Implement customer service standards