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CUS09 - Music (Release 1.2)


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The Deleted usage recommendation was implemented on 13 June 2017 to describe training components that have no replacement. Enrolments in training components and statements of attainment or qualifications issued before 13 June 2017 are valid. For any components marked as deleted after 13 June 2017, the applicable transition/teach-out periods apply. For specific questions regarding the enrolment, delivery or issuance of a statement of attainment/qualification, please contact your training regulator.
Supersedes CUS01 - Music Training PackageMusic Industry Training Package 21/Jul/2011

Release Status:
ReleaseRelease dateApproval process
1.2 (this release) 02/Nov/2011Minor upgrade (Approval date: 02/Nov/2011)
(View details for release 1.1) 29/Oct/2010 Endorsement date: 14/Feb/2011

Following the establishment of the new training package development process, any references to the former Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) found in the content of this training package or its components should be referred to the Skills Service Organisation listed below.

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PwC’s Skills for Australia 



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 CUS20109 - Certificate II in MusicCertificate II in Music Superseded

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Certificate III'Qualification Level: Certificate III

 CUS30109 - Certificate III in MusicCertificate III in Music Superseded
 CUS30209 - Certificate III in Technical ProductionCertificate III in Technical Production Superseded
 CUS30309 - Certificate III in Music BusinessCertificate III in Music Business Superseded

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 CUS40309 - Certificate IV in Music BusinessCertificate IV in Music Business Superseded
 CUS40109 - Certificate IV in MusicCertificate IV in Music Superseded
 CUS40209 - Certificate IV in Sound ProductionCertificate IV in Sound Production Superseded

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 CUS50109 - Diploma of MusicDiploma of Music Superseded
 CUS50309 - Diploma of Music BusinessDiploma of Music Business Superseded
 CUS50209 - Diploma of Sound ProductionDiploma of Sound Production Superseded

Toggle visibility of information in grouping for 'Qualification Level: Advanced Diploma'Qualification Level: Advanced Diploma

 CUS60209 - Advanced Diploma of Sound ProductionAdvanced Diploma of Sound Production Superseded
 CUS60309 - Advanced Diploma of Music BusinessAdvanced Diploma of Music Business Superseded
 CUS60109 - Advanced Diploma of MusicAdvanced Diploma of Music Superseded

Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Title columnUsageReleaseSort Table listing the units of competency related to this training package. by the Release column
CUSADM301A - Administer operations for rehearsals and performancesAdminister operations for rehearsals and performances Superseded
CUSEVT301A - Book performance venuesBook performance venues Superseded
CUSFIM501A - Secure funding for projectsSecure funding for projects Superseded
CUSIND301B - Work effectively in the music industryWork effectively in the music industry Superseded
CUSIND302A - Plan a career in the creative arts industryPlan a career in the creative arts industry Superseded
CUSIND401A - Develop specialist expertise in the music industryDevelop specialist expertise in the music industry Deleted
CUSIND501A - Apply music knowledge and artistic judgementApply music knowledge and artistic judgement Superseded
CUSLED501A - Provide instrumental or vocal tuitionProvide instrumental or vocal tuition Superseded
CUSLED502A - Provide tuition for compositionProvide tuition for composition Superseded
CUSMCP301A - Compose simple songs or musical piecesCompose simple songs or musical pieces Superseded
CUSMCP302A - Write song lyricsWrite song lyrics Superseded
CUSMCP303A - Develop simple musical pieces using electronic mediaDevelop simple musical pieces using electronic media Superseded
CUSMCP401A - Develop techniques for arranging musicDevelop techniques for arranging music Superseded
CUSMCP402A - Develop techniques for composing musicDevelop techniques for composing music Superseded
CUSMCP501A - Compose music using electronic mediaCompose music using electronic media Superseded
CUSMCP502A - Compose music for screenCompose music for screen Superseded
CUSMCP503A - Prepare compositions for publishingPrepare compositions for publishing Superseded
CUSMCP601A - Extend techniques for composing musicExtend techniques for composing music Superseded
CUSMCP602A - Extend techniques for arranging musicExtend techniques for arranging music Superseded
CUSMGT401A - Manage distribution of music and associated productsManage distribution of music and associated products Superseded
CUSMGT402A - Administer music publishing incomeAdminister music publishing income Superseded
CUSMGT403A - Manage licensing of musicManage licensing of music Superseded
CUSMGT404A - Administer artists' royalty incomeAdminister artists' royalty income Superseded
CUSMGT502A - Manage artists and their careersManage artists and their careers Superseded
CUSMGT503A - Develop artists and repertoireDevelop artists and repertoire Superseded
CUSMKG301A - Assist with the promotion of creative actsAssist with the promotion of creative acts Deleted
CUSMKG501A - Manage the promotion of creative actsManage the promotion of creative acts Superseded
CUSMLT201A - Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skillsDevelop and apply musical ideas and listening skills Superseded
CUSMLT202A - Apply knowledge of music culture to music makingApply knowledge of music culture to music making Superseded
CUSMLT301A - Apply knowledge of genre to music makingApply knowledge of genre to music making Superseded
CUSMLT302A - Develop and apply aural-perception skillsDevelop and apply aural-perception skills Superseded
CUSMLT303A - Notate musicNotate music Superseded
CUSMLT401A - Notate music for performanceNotate music for performance Superseded
CUSMLT402A - Articulate ideas about musicArticulate ideas about music Superseded
CUSMLT403A - Analyse functional harmonyAnalyse functional harmony Superseded
CUSMLT501A - Refine aural-perception skillsRefine aural-perception skills Superseded
CUSMLT502A - Apply concepts about the impact of music to professional practiceApply concepts about the impact of music to professional practice Superseded
CUSMLT601A - Analyse musicAnalyse music Superseded
CUSMLT602A - Analyse harmonyAnalyse harmony Superseded
CUSMPF101A - Develop skills to play or sing musicDevelop skills to play or sing music Superseded
CUSMPF102A - Develop ensemble skills to perform simple musical partsDevelop ensemble skills to perform simple musical parts Superseded
CUSMPF201A - Play or sing simple musical piecesPlay or sing simple musical pieces Superseded
CUSMPF202A - Incorporate music technology into performanceIncorporate music technology into performance Superseded
CUSMPF203A - Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing musicDevelop ensemble skills for playing or singing music Superseded
CUSMPF204A - Play music from simple written notationPlay music from simple written notation Superseded
CUSMPF301A - Develop technical skills in performanceDevelop technical skills in performance Superseded
CUSMPF302A - Prepare for performancesPrepare for performances Superseded
CUSMPF303A - Contribute to backup accompanimentContribute to backup accompaniment Superseded
CUSMPF304A - Make a music demoMake a music demo Superseded
CUSMPF305A - Develop improvisation skillsDevelop improvisation skills Superseded
CUSMPF401A - Rehearse music for group performancesRehearse music for group performances Superseded
CUSMPF402A - Develop and maintain stagecraft skillsDevelop and maintain stagecraft skills Superseded
CUSMPF403A - Develop repertoire as part of a backup groupDevelop repertoire as part of a backup group Superseded
CUSMPF404A - Perform music as part of a groupPerform music as part of a group Superseded
CUSMPF405A - Develop instrumental techniquesDevelop instrumental techniques Superseded
CUSMPF406A - Perform music as a soloistPerform music as a soloist Superseded
CUSMPF407A - Develop vocal techniquesDevelop vocal techniques Superseded
CUSMPF408A - Develop performance techniques on a second instrumentDevelop performance techniques on a second instrument Superseded
CUSMPF409A - Perform music using digital mediaPerform music using digital media Superseded
CUSMPF410A - Perform music from written notationPerform music from written notation Superseded
CUSMPF501A - Prepare a program for performancePrepare a program for performance Superseded
CUSMPF502A - Incorporate interactive technology into performanceIncorporate interactive technology into performance Superseded
CUSMPF503A - Perform accompanimentPerform accompaniment Superseded
CUSMPF505A - Perform improvisation for audiencesPerform improvisation for audiences Superseded
CUSMPF506A - Develop technical skills and expand repertoireDevelop technical skills and expand repertoire Superseded
CUSMPF507A - Present live audition programsPresent live audition programs Superseded
CUSMPF508A - Provide musical leadership in performanceProvide musical leadership in performance Superseded
CUSMPF601A - Present a music performancePresent a music performance Superseded
CUSMPF602A - Manage stagecraft aspects of performancesManage stagecraft aspects of performances Superseded
CUSMPF603A - Refine performance techniques and expand repertoireRefine performance techniques and expand repertoire Superseded
CUSMPF604A - Extend improvisation techniquesExtend improvisation techniques Superseded
CUSMPF605A - Develop advanced vocal techniquesDevelop advanced vocal techniques Superseded
CUSMPF606A - Conduct musical performancesConduct musical performances Superseded
CUSMPF607A - Lead music rehearsalsLead music rehearsals Superseded
CUSOHS301A - Follow occupational health and safety proceduresFollow occupational health and safety procedures Superseded
CUSPUR501A - Establish and manage recording contractsEstablish and manage recording contracts Superseded
CUSSOU201A - Assist with sound recordingsAssist with sound recordings Superseded
CUSSOU202A - Mix sound in a broadcasting environmentMix sound in a broadcasting environment Superseded
CUSSOU301A - Provide sound reinforcementProvide sound reinforcement Superseded
CUSSOU302A - Record and mix a basic music demoRecord and mix a basic music demo Superseded
CUSSOU303A - Set up and disassemble audio equipmentSet up and disassemble audio equipment Superseded
CUSSOU304A - Restore audio tracksRestore audio tracks Superseded
CUSSOU305A - Analyse soundtracksAnalyse soundtracks Superseded
CUSSOU401A - Record soundRecord sound Superseded
CUSSOU402A - Develop and implement sound plansDevelop and implement sound plans Superseded
CUSSOU403A - Perform advanced sound editingPerform advanced sound editing Superseded
CUSSOU404A - Edit dialogueEdit dialogue Superseded
CUSSOU405A - Mix recorded musicMix recorded music Superseded
CUSSOU406A - Record sound on locationRecord sound on location Superseded
CUSSOU407A - Coordinate location sound recordingCoordinate location sound recording Superseded
CUSSOU501A - Develop sound designsDevelop sound designs Superseded
CUSSOU502A - Produce sound recordingsProduce sound recordings Superseded
CUSSOU503A - Implement sound designsImplement sound designs Superseded
CUSSOU504A - Create a final sound balanceCreate a final sound balance Superseded
CUSSOU505A - Compile music for soundtracksCompile music for soundtracks Superseded
CUSSOU601A - Manage production of sound designsManage production of sound designs Superseded
CUSSOU602A - Manage production of sound recordingsManage production of sound recordings Superseded
CUSWRT501A - Write about musicWrite about music Superseded
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Imported units of competency

CodeTitleSort Table listing Imported units of competency by the Title columnUsageReleaseSort Table listing Imported units of competency by the Release columnBelongs to training package
BSBADM307B - Organise schedulesOrganise schedules SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADM311A - Maintain business resourcesMaintain business resources SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADM502B - Manage meetingsManage meetings SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADM506B - Manage business document design and developmentManage business document design and development SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV405A - Perform media calculationsPerform media calculations SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV406A - Buy and monitor mediaBuy and monitor media SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV407A - Apply media analysis and processing toolsApply media analysis and processing tools SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV507B - Develop a media planDevelop a media plan SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV509A - Create mass print media advertisementsCreate mass print media advertisements SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
BSBADV510A - Create mass electronic media advertisementsCreate mass electronic media advertisements SupersededBSB07 - Business Services Training Package
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