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CPP40507 - Certificate IV in Property Services (Business Broking) (Release 2)


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Is superseded by CPP41419 - Certificate IV in Real Estate PracticeSupersedes and is not equivalent to CPP40507 Certificate IV in Property Services (Business Broking), CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate), CPP40407 Certificate IV in Property Services (Stock and Station Agency), CPP40611 Certificate IV in Property Services (Operations). 20/Mar/2019

Release Status:
ReleaseRelease date
2 (this release) 18/Jan/2017
(View details for release 1) 07/Apr/2011

Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Title columnEssentialSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Essential column
BSBADM409 - Coordinate business resourcesCoordinate business resourcesElective
BSBCMM401 - Make a presentationMake a presentationElective
BSBCUS401 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategiesCoordinate implementation of customer service strategiesElective
BSBFIA401 - Prepare financial reportsPrepare financial reportsElective
BSBFIA402 - Report on financial activityReport on financial activityElective
BSBITS401 - Maintain business technologyMaintain business technologyElective
BSBLDR403 - Lead team effectivenessLead team effectivenessElective
BSBLED401 - Develop teams and individualsDevelop teams and individualsElective
BSBMKG401 - Profile the marketProfile the marketElective
BSBMKG402 - Analyse consumer behaviour for specific marketsAnalyse consumer behaviour for specific marketsElective
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SchemeCodeClassification value
ANZSCO Identifier 612111 Business Broker 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 3293-15 Real Estate Salesperson 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0805 Sales And Marketing 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 511 Certificate IV 
Taxonomy - Industry Sector N/A Real Estate 
Taxonomy - Occupation N/A Business Broker 

Classification history

SchemeCodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
ANZSCO Identifier 612111 Business Broker 03/Sep/2008 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 3293-15 Real Estate Salesperson 03/Sep/2008 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0805 Sales And Marketing 03/Sep/2008 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 511 Certificate IV 07/Apr/2011 
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Modification History




Update to superseded non-native elective units with equivalent current unit:

  • BSBADM409A to BSBADM409
  • BSBCMM401A to BSBCMM401
  • BSBCUS401A to BSBCUS401
  • BSBFIA401A to BSBFIA401
  • BSBFIA402A to BSBFIA402
  • BSBITS401A to BSBITS401
  • BSBLED401A to BSBLED401
  • BSBMKG401B to BSBMKG401
  • BSBMKG402B to BSBMKG402
  • BSBMKG507A to BSBMKG507
  • BSBMKG514A to BSBMKG514
  • BSBREL401A to BSBREL401
  • BSBRES401A to BSBRES401
  • BSBSMB401A to BSBSMB401
  • BSBSMB402A to BSBSMB402
  • BSBSMB403A to BSBSMB403
  • BSBSMB404A to BSBSMB404
  • BSBSMB405A to BSBSMB405
  • BSBSMB406A to BSBSMB406
  • BSBSMB407A to BSBSMB407
  • BSBWOR402A to BSBLDR403

This version released with CPP07 version 14.4.


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Pathways Information

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Licensing/Regulatory Information

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Entry Requirements

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Employability Skills Summary

Employability Skills Qualification Summary 

Employability Skill 

Industry /enterprise requirements for this qualification include :


  • apply literacy skills to access and interpret a variety of texts, including legislation, regulations, trust account records and financial reports; prepare general information and papers; prepare formal and informal letters, reports and applications; and complete standard forms
  • apply numeracy skills to calculate and interpret data contained in trust account records and financial reports
  • apply reading skills to access and interpret a variety of information relating to appraising a business and relevant information regarding legislative requirements
  • canvass, clarify and resolve client questions or concerns according to agency and legislative requirements
  • clarify and assess buyer requirements using appropriate interpersonal communication techniques
  • communicate with and relate to a range of people from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and with varying physical and mental abilities
  • communicate with clients to enable the appraisal process and resolve complications
  • communicate and negotiate with relevant parties and monitor the marketing process to ensure effective marketing of the property occurs
  • discuss, draft and agree on possible marketing strategies and budgets for the sale of the business and related components
  • document agreements and distribute relevant documents and information to clients and other relevant internal and external parties
  • establish appropriate rapport with buyers
  • identify and complete appropriate documentation
  • produce and distribute formal documents to reflect agreements made by parties involved in the listing process
  • review documentation and other reporting requirements for compliance with legislative requirements


  • ensure agency trust accounts comply with legislative requirements by referring to third parties and other professionals
  • interact with clients and resolve their concerns and issues
  • participate in professional networks to identify and build relationships with relevant individuals and organisations and to obtain and maintain personal knowledge
  • relate to people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and of varying physical and mental abilities
  • use networks to assist in the implementation of promotional activities

Problem solving 

  • apply decision making and problem solving skills to analyse and make decisions about agency trust accounts consistent with legislative and ethical requirements
  • assess the effectiveness of planning and marketing processes to identify possible improvements in future activities
  • determine profitability of the business and associated components using appropriate appraisal practices according to agency requirements
  • determine most appropriate marketing methods
  • discuss and document points of agreement, and rights and obligations to ensure clarity and to avoid potential misunderstanding and conflict
  • interpret and apply financial, legal and procedural requirements
  • resolve potential negotiation dilemmas, buyer or seller concerns and issues, and conflict arising from sale process
  • resolve potential marketing dilemmas

Initiative and enterprise 

  • apply analytical skills to interpret documents such as legislation, regulations, trust account records and financial reports
  • analyse business and associated plant and equipment ownership and status, as they relate to listing a business with a brokerage office
  • analyse sales process, buyer intentions and seller expectations
  • analyse marketing options and current market trends
  • identify and access source documents for trust transactions in line with legislative requirements
  • identify and analyse current market trends and positions and determine best listing options
  • maximise opportunities for repeat or future business according to agency procedures and requirements
  • process and analyse market information to assist in making an assessment of the listed business' marketability and viability

Planning and organising 

  • access and understand a variety of information relating to listing a business and relevant information regarding legislative requirements and business broking services
  • collect and evaluate current business financial data to determine financial status according to agency requirements
  • draft, determine and agree on marketing plans and budgets for the sale of business and related components
  • identify and prepare personnel and resources required to support, promote and market the listed business
  • obtain and analyse source and occupancy documents according to legislative and agency requirements
  • obtain information relevant to appraising a business and provide information on the appraisal process and final appraisal
  • prepare and structure information and documents relating to the negotiation and completion of a sale


  • adapt work processes as appropriate to meet the specific needs of the client and other staff
  • explain and negotiate with client according to agency and legislative requirements and expectations
  • identify ways to improve performance through seeking feedback from clients and colleagues
  • interpret and comply with relevant legislative requirements
  • monitor own performance and identify any personal development needs
  • plan and implement business broking services and work practices according to client requirements and agency values, legislative requirements and ethical standards
  • understand mechanisms to obtain and analyse client comments and feedback
  • understand and respect individual differences
  • work ethically and professionally with clients, colleagues and external agencies and model and maintain high standards of performance


  • apply knowledge of agency practice, ethical standards and legislative requirements associated with appraising a business
  • apply knowledge of agency practice, ethical standards and legislative requirements for the operation of agency trust accounts
  • access learning opportunities to extend own personal work competencies to improve service delivery in business broking
  • identify and implement opportunities for personal development strategies to maintain currency of professional competency in providing effective business broking services
  • assess against occupational competency standards and other relevant benchmarks personal knowledge and skills in providing business broking services to determine professional development needs and priorities
  • provide ongoing training of all relevant agency staff to ensure efficient operation of trust accounts, financial and IT systems and compliance with agency practice and legislative requirements


  • use business technology to access and organise information according to agency requirements
  • select and use technology appropriate to task

Due to the high proportion of electives required by this qualification, the industry/enterprise requirements described above for each Employability Skill are representative of the property industry in general and may not reflect specific job roles. Learning and assessment strategies for this qualification should be based on the requirements of the units of competency for this qualification.

This table is a summary of Employability Skills that are typical of this qualification and should not be interpreted as definitive.

Packaging Rules

Packaging rules 

To achieve recognition at the Certificate IV level, the candidate must demonstrate competency in the eight core units, plus four electives (total twelve units).

The candidate must select three or four electives from the list below.

In cases where three electives are chosen, one further elective must be undertaken from:

  • any Certificate IV qualification in CPP07 Property Services Training Package
  • any Certificate IV qualification in any other endorsed Training Package.

All units must contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Core units 


Establish and manage agency trust accounts


Minimise agency and consumer risk


Appraise business


List business for sale


Negotiate sale and manage sale to completion or settlement


Obtain prospects for listing


Promote and market listed business


Work in the business broking sector

Elective units 


Coordinate business resources


Make a presentation


Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies


Prepare financial reports


Report on financial activity


Maintain business technology


Develop teams and individuals


Profile the market


Analyse consumer behaviour for specific markets


Interpret market trends and developments


Implement and monitor marketing activities


Establish networks


Analyse and present research information


Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business


Plan small business finances


Market the small business


Undertake small business planning


Monitor and manage small business operations


Manage small business finances


Manage a small team


Lead team effectiveness