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CHC51008 - Diploma of Children's Services (Outside school hours care) (Release 2)


Usage recommendation:
Supersedes CHC50202 - Diploma of Out of School Hours Care 24/Mar/2011
Is superseded by CHC50213 - Diploma of School Age Education and CareThis version was released in CHC Community Services Training Package release 1.0 and meets the requirements of the New Standards for Training Packages. Entry requirements removed. Significant changes to content of core units. 30/Jun/2013

ReleaseRelease date
2 (this release) 07/May/2012
(View details for release 1) 25/Mar/2011

Units of competency

CodeSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Code columnTitleSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Title columnUsage RecommendationSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Usage Recommendation columnEssentialSort Table listing Units of Competency by the Essential column
BSBMGT401A - Show leadership in the workplaceShow leadership in the workplaceSupersededN/A
CHCNET402A - Establish and maintain effective networksEstablish and maintain effective networksSupersededN/A
CHCLD415A - Confirm client developmental statusConfirm client developmental statusSupersededN/A
CHCIC511A - Implement and promote inclusive policies and practices in children's servicesImplement and promote inclusive policies and practices in children's servicesDeletedN/A
HLTWHS501A - Manage workplace WHS processesManage workplace WHS processesSupersededN/A
HLTWHS401A - Maintain workplace WHS processesMaintain workplace WHS processesDeletedN/A
CHCORG611C - Lead and develop others in a community sector workplaceLead and develop others in a community sector workplaceDeletedN/A
CHCDIS301C - Work effectively with people with a disabilityWork effectively with people with a disabilitySupersededN/A
CHCFAM503B - Work with a child focused approachWork with a child focused approachSupersededN/A
CHCORG624E - Provide leadership in community services deliveryProvide leadership in community services deliveryDeletedN/A
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SchemeCodeClassification value
ANZSCO Identifier 411711 Community Worker 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 3421 Welfare Associate Professionals 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0905 Human Welfare Studies And Services 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 421 Diploma 
Taxonomy - Industry Sector N/A Children's Services 
Taxonomy - Occupation N/A Vacation Care Coordinator,Director (Outside School Hours Care),Program Leader (Children's Services) 

Classification history

SchemeCodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
ANZSCO Identifier 411711 Community Worker 02/Feb/2009 
ASCO (occupation type) Identifier 3421 Welfare Associate Professionals 02/Feb/2009 
ASCED Qualification/Course Field of Education Identifier 0905 Human Welfare Studies And Services 02/Feb/2009 
Qualification/Course Level of Education Identifier 421 Diploma 02/Feb/2009 
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Modification History

CHC08 Version 3

CHC08 Version 4


CHC51008 Diploma of Children’s Services (Outside school hours care)

CHC51008 Diploma of Children’s Services (Outside school hours care)

Updated in V4

ISC upgrades of unit codes

Updated entry requirements


This qualification covers workers who are responsible for day-to-day running of a before and after school care and/or vacation care service, including planning, implementing and managing programs which address licensing, accreditation and duty of care requirements.

At this level:

  • Workers have responsibility for supervision of other staff and volunteers
  • In most states this diploma is the minimum qualification required under the national standards for outside school hours care coordinator positions.

Occupational titles  may include:

  • Director
  • Program leader
  • Group coordinator
  • Service director
  • Group leader
  • Service manager
  • Outside school hours care coordinator
  • Team leader
  • Outside school hours care worker
  • Vacation care coordinator

Pathways Information

Not Applicable

Licensing/Regulatory Information

Refer to Description

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements 

To gain entry into CHC51008 Diploma of Children's Services (Outside school hours care) candidates must demonstrate competence through a recognised training program or recognition process, in the following units of competency:

CHCCHILD401B Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

CHCCN301C Ensure the health and safety of children

CHCCN303A Contribute to provision of nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner

CHCCS400C Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

CHCFC301A Support the development of children

CHCOSHC401A Support children to participate in outside school hours care

CHCOSHC402B Develop and implement activities in outside school hours care

CHCOSHC403B Work effectively with children in outside school hours care

CHCPR301C Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning

HLTFA311A Apply first aid

HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS processes

Employability Skills Summary

Refer to the Topic: Introduction to the Employability Skills Qualification Summaries

Packaging Rules


18 units are required for award of this qualification including:

  • 11 core units
  • 7 elective units

A wide range of elective units is available, including:

  • Group A electives which are recommended for culturally aware and respectful practice
  • Group B elective which is compulsory in some jurisdictions
  • Other relevant electives listed below
  • Units of competency to address workplace requirements and packaged at the level of this qualification or higher in Community Services and/or Health Training Packages
  • Where appropriate, to address workplace requirements, up to 3 units of competency packaged at the level of this qualification or higher in other relevant Training Packages

Core units 

CHCCN511B Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children

CHCFC512A Foster physical development in middle childhood

CHCFC513A Foster social development in middle childhood

CHCFC514A Support emotional and psychological development in middle childhood

CHCFC515A Foster cognitive development in middle childhood

CHCIC501A Manage children's services workplace practice to address regulations and quality assurance

CHCIC510A Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour

CHCIC512A Plan and implement inclusion of children with additional needs

CHCPOL504B Develop and implement policy

CHCPR510B Design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines for children

CHCRF511A Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children

The importance of culturally aware and respectful practice 

All workers undertaking children's services work need foundation knowledge to inform their work with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients and co-workers and with clients and co-workers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This foundation must be provided and assessed as part of a holistic approach to delivery and assessment of this qualification. Specific guidelines for assessment of this aspect of competency are provided in the Assessment Guidelines for the Community Services Training Package.

Group A electives  - recommended for culturally aware and respectful practice 

The children's services workplace is regarded as having particular potential for engendering stronger and more respectful relationships between non-Aboriginal Australians and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Australians and across the diverse groups in the community.

It is therefore highly recommended that this qualification includes one of the following units to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills for:

  • Staff to support and promote respect for and awareness of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities where there are no Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children attending or residing in the local area
  • Staff who work specifically with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children and families

CHCIC302A Support Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander families to participate in children's services 

HLTHIR404D Work effectively with Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander people 

As cultural diversity is a feature of our community, one of the following electives is also recommended for inclusion:

CHCIC511A Implement and promote inclusive policies and practices in children's services 

PSPMNGT605B Manage diversity 

Group B elective  - compulsory in some jurisdictions 

The following unit may be compulsory in some jurisdictions:

CHCORG506D Coordinate the work environment 

Other relevant electives 

Electives are to be selected in line with specified Packaging Rules. The following list of relevant electives is intended to facilitate selection. Employers may specify certain electives as required to address specific workplace needs.

Children's services electives 

CHCDIS301B Work effectively with people with a disability 

CHCFAM503B Work with a child focused approach 

CHCFC507A Use music to enhance children's experience and development 

CHCFC508A Foster children's aesthetic and creative development 

CHCFC520C Promote ethical understanding of children 

CHCIC511A Implement and promote inclusive policies and practices in children's services 

CHCPR502E Organise experiences to facilitate and enhance children's development 

CHCPR509A Gather , interpret and use information about children 

CHCPR515A Develop and implement a program to support sustainable practice 

CHCPR614C Observe children and interpret observations  (Note pre-requisite: CHCPR509A)

CHCRH505C Conduct a program for children and young people with special needs 

Client support and professional practice electives 

CHCICS406A Support client self management 

CHCLD415A Confirm client developmental status 

CHCLD515A Analyse client information for service planning and delivery  (Note pre-requisite CHCLD415A)

CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice 

Children's contact services electives 

CHCCONS401B Facilitate changeover 

CHCCONS402B Facilitate and monitor contact 

CHCCONS403B Support families to develop relationships 

Advocacy and diversity electives 

CHCCD420A Work to empower Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander communities 

CHCCN520C Advocate for the rights and needs of children and young people 

CHCCS421A Undertake community sector work within own community 

Business administration electives 

BSBMGT608B Manage innovation and continuous improvement 

BSBRSK501A Manage risk 

BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances 

BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability 

CHCADMIN508B Manage limited budgets and financial accountabilities 

CHCAL523D Manage home based care administration requirements 

CHCINF302C Maintain the organisation's information systems 

CHCINF403D Coordinate information systems 

CHCINF407D Meet information needs of the community 

CHCNET402A Establish and maintain effective networks 

CHCORG423B Maintain quality service delivery 

CHCORG614B Manage a community sector organisation 

CHCPOL402B Contribute to policy development 

Leadership and supervision electives 

BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals 

BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace 

CHCCS502B Maintain legal and ethical work practices 

CHCCS513B Maintain an effective community sector work environment 

CHCORG406B Supervise work 

CHCORG529B Provide coaching and motivation 

CHCORG610B Manage change in a community sector organisation 

CHCORG611B Lead and develop others in a community sector workplace 

CHCORG620C Promote and represent the service 

CHCORG624D Provide leadership in community services delivery 

CHCORG627B Provide mentoring support to colleagues 

HLTOHS401A Maintain workplace OHS processes 

HLTOHS501A Manage workplace OHS processes 

Food safety electives 

HLTFS309C Oversee the day -to -day implementation of food safety in the workplace 

HLTFS310C Apply and monitor food safety requirements 

HLTNA303C Plan and modify meals and menus according to nutrition care plans 

HLTNA304C Plan meals and menus to meet cultural and religious needs 

First aid electives 

(Note, one or both first aid units may be required by some jurisdictions)

HLTFA302B Provide first aid in remote situation  (Note pre-requisite: HLTFA301C)

HLTFA402C Apply advanced first aid  (Note pre-requisite: HLTFA301C)

Oral health 

CHCOHC401A Inform and encourage clients and groups to understand and achieve good oral health 

CHCOHC402A Support and encourage clients and groups to learn practical aspects of oral health care