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AHCIRG417A - Supervise sprinkler irrigation maintenance (Release 1)


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1 1 (this release) 22/Jun/2012


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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 059999 Agriculture, Environmental And Related Studies, N.e.c.  

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ASCED Module/Unit of Competency Field of Education Identifier 059999 Agriculture, Environmental And Related Studies, N.e.c.  01/Nov/2012 
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Unit Descriptor

This Unit covers the process of supervising a maintenance program for a sprinkler irrigation system and defines the standard required to: develop maintenance procedures; supervise maintenance of irrigation components and structures; check and service testing equipment; supervise maintenance of the irrigation area; and record and report maintenance activities.

Application of the Unit

This Unit applies to irrigation site supervisors and managers of irrigation systems who are responsible for maintenance programs for sprinkler irrigation.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

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Employability Skills Information

This Unit contains employability skills.

Elements and Performance Criteria Pre-Content

Elements describe the essential outcomes of a Unit of Competency.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the required skills and knowledge section and the range statement. Assessment of performance is to be consistent with the evidence guide.

Elements and Performance Criteria



1 Develop a maintenance program  for a sprinkler irrigation system 

1.1 Maintenance requirements for irrigation components and structures are established

1.2 Maintenance requirements for the irrigation site are established

1.3 The frequency of maintenance activities required are determined and a schedule is developed

1.4 Maintenance activities are costed out in terms of required staff, materials and equipment

1.5 OHS risks associated with the maintenance program are assessed and suitable controls implemented

1.6 The environmental impacts of maintenance activities are minimised

1.7 A system for reporting maintenance activities is developed

2 Supervise maintenance of sprinkler irrigation components

2.1 Maintenance checklists are developed for irrigation components

2.2 Component operation is systematically monitored and operating faults are identified and appropriate action taken

2.3 Abnormal operation or frequent and recurring breakdowns are identified, investigated and maintenance organised as required

2.4 Situations requiring expert advice are identified and specialist assistance sought in accordance with site procedures

2.5 Equipment condition is routinely reviewed to ensure and maintain efficient operations

3 Supervise maintenance of sprinkler irrigation structures

3.1 Maintenance checklists are developed for irrigation components

3.2 Structures are inspected as necessary to locate and evaluate defects

3.3 Appropriate repair methods are identified to ensure defect is repaired effectively

3.4 Structures are repaired or replaced according to requirements

3.5 Materials required for job are identified and organised as required to enable appropriate maintenance of components

3.6 Testing equipment  is maintained

4 Supervise pest and weed control in an irrigated area

4.1 Evidence of pests is assessed and integrated control measures appropriate to type and species of infestation are determined

4.2 Areas of weed infestation on irrigation works are located and species identified

4.3 Integrated control methods are selected to control pests and weeds

4.4 Control methods are scheduled at the optimum time with minimal damage to desired plants

4.5 Severity of infestations and records of treatments are maintained

5 Complete records of irrigation system maintenance

5.1 Records are maintained of maintenance activities

5.2 Results of maintenance works are assessed against the maintenance program

Required Skills and Knowledge

This section describes the skills and knowledge required for this Unit.

Required skills include:

Ability to: 

  • develop enterprise procedures for pre-season, irrigation and post-season maintenance
  • inspect irrigation system
  • test irrigation equipment
  • service irrigation equipment
  • check sprinkler output and function
  • remove and replace valves and filters
  • check controllers
  • carry out control systems checks
  • supervise minor repairs of equipment
  • identify the need for, and schedule, major repairs or replacements
  • record all test results clearly and concisely with attention to detail
  • dispose of unused or waste materials from site in an environmentally safe and sensitive manner
  • identify adverse environmental impacts of irrigation activities and appropriate remedial action
  • implement and follow relevant enterprise OHS and environmental policies and procedures
  • identify OHS hazards and implement safe work procedures.

Required knowledge includes:

Knowledge of: 

  • irrigation system components
  • operational and maintenance requirements
  • develop enterprise procedures for pre-season, irrigation and post-season maintenance
  • pre and post-season maintenance covering
  • system components
  • sprinkler operating pressures
  • sprinkler output
  • sprinkler distribution uniformity
  • pumping and distribution systems
  • drainage systems
  • visual checks for blockages or signs of wear in components
  • pressure testing as per procedures.

Evidence Guide

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

Overview of assessment

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this Unit

The evidence required to demonstrate competency in this Unit must be relevant to workplace operations and satisfy holistically all of the requirements of the performance criteria and required skills and knowledge and include achievement of the following:

  • develop maintenance procedures
  • supervise maintenance of irrigation components and testing equipment
  • supervise maintenance of irrigation structures
  • supervise maintenance of the irrigation area
  • record and report maintenance activities.

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Competency requires the application of work practices under work conditions. Selection and use of resources for some worksites may differ due to the regional or enterprise circumstances.

Range Statement

The range statement relates to the Unit of Competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance. Bold italicised wording, if used in the performance criteria, is detailed below. Essential operating conditions that may be present with training and assessment (depending on the work situation, needs of the candidate, accessibility of the item, and local industry and regional contexts) may also be included.

Maintenance programs  may include:

preventative maintenance carried out at end of season or throughout the irrigation season, including the regular replacement of irrigation components.

Sprinkler irrigation systems  may include:

describe systems that use spray or rotor type sprinklers to distribute irrigation water at higher volume including pop-up sprinklers, fixed, and movable sprinklers (e.g. K Line and Ezy Shift).

Maintenance of testing equipment  may include:

replacing 'remove and replace' components; lubrication; working adjustments to tolerances; cleaning and storing; and completing usage records.

Unit Sector(s)