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CodeSort Table to list Training Package results by the Code columnTitleSort Table to list Training Package results by the Title columnUsage recommendation
ZWA04 - Woolworths (CONFIDENTIAL - not all detail is accessible)Woolworths (CONFIDENTIAL - not all detail is accessible) Deleted
TLI - Transport and Logistics Training PackageTransport and Logistics Training Package Current
UET12 - Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training PackageTransmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package Current
TAE - Training and Education Training PackageTraining and Education Training Package Current
SIT - Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training PackageTourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package Current
LMT07 - Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training PackageTextiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package Current
MST - Textiles, Clothing and FootwearTextiles, Clothing and Footwear Current
MSS - SustainabilitySustainability Current
ZZZ00 - Superseded unitsSuperseded units Deleted
SIS10 - Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training PackageSport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package Current
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