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Note: The below list of RTOs that have the Skill Set on scope is based on their implicit NRT scope and meet the requirements of the Skill Set. Individuals will need to contact the RTO directly to determine whether they are actually delivering this Skill Set.

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View details for RTO code 90811Accessuts Pty Limited
   Trading as:
  • accessUTS
Visit the Accessuts Pty Limited website (external link) 0295149236 Current
View details for RTO code 40393ACG Global Australasia Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • ACG Global College
Visit the ACG Global Australasia Pty Ltd website (external link) 1800447334 Current
View details for RTO code 32212Air Gold Coast Pty. Ltd.
   Trading as:
Visit the Air Gold Coast Pty. Ltd. website (external link) 0755362822 Current
View details for RTO code 52904Airflite Aviation Pty LtdVisit the Airflite Aviation Pty Ltd website (external link) 0894997060 Current
View details for RTO code 40601AIRLINES OF TASMANIA PTY LTD
   Trading as:
  • Par Avion Flight Training
Visit the AIRLINES OF TASMANIA PTY LTD website (external link) 0362485390 Current
View details for RTO code 70056Alana Kaye Group Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • Alana Kaye Training
  • Alana Kaye International
  • Alana Kaye College
Visit the Alana Kaye Group Pty Ltd website (external link) 0889426100 Current
View details for RTO code 30831Amy Boleszny Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • Healthy Business Training Academy
Visit the Amy Boleszny Pty Ltd website (external link) 0432275033 Current
View details for RTO code 2353ASC Training & Development Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • ASC Training & Development
Visit the ASC Training & Development Pty Ltd website (external link) 0884102627 Current
View details for RTO code 51907Aspire Performance Training Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • Aspire Performance Training
Visit the Aspire Performance Training Pty Ltd website (external link) 0428136366 Current
View details for RTO code 40879AUCTUS Consulting Pty Ltd
   Trading as:
  • Auctus Training & Education
Visit the AUCTUS Consulting Pty Ltd website (external link) 0419814523 Current
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