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30771QLD - Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology
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Queensland Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Australian Capital Territory Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Northern Territory Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Victoria Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Tasmania Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Western Australia Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
South Australia Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
New South Wales Australia 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Other (Overseas but not an Australian Territory or Dependency) New Zealand 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement
Other (Overseas but not an Australian Territory or Dependency) Fiji 01/May/200901/May/2009Commencement