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21738 -Della International College Pty Ltd

Decision Reference: RD0000892


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In effect
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Reassessment review available
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Regulatory Decision:
Impose condition(s) on the provider's registration
Decision made under:
National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011-s29
Decision Maker:
National VET Regulator
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Decision Details

The  following condition is imposed under s 29 of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011:
- The RTO must retain and provide to ASQA within fourteen (14) days upon request:
a) Quarterly implementation progress reports, of the following policies and plans that were included in its submission to ASQA on 29 October 2019:
- remedial action plan, (submission annexure DIC07)
- annual compliance schedule (submission annexure DIC44)
- continuous improvement policy (submission annexure DIC70)
- quality assurance policy (submission annexure DIC71).
b) Copies of student files, including copies of all:
- marked assessment records (including any document which informed a determination of competence)
- master assessment tools
- learner and trainer guides
- training and assessment strategies
- pre-enrolment forms (including any document which informed whether the student’s English language proficiency, educational qualifications, or work experience is sufficient to enable a learner to enrol in a course).
c) Timetables for all classes, at all locations, for all students, for each training period, which must include for each unit of competency:
- course code and title
- location and classroom
- designated trainer(s)
- first name and surname of allocated students
- dates of training and any term breaks
- schedule class start and end times, including class breaks.

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