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22270 -AEC Consulting Pty Ltd

Decision Reference: RD0003523


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Impose condition(s) on the provider's registration
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National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011-s29
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Decision Details

i.  the Applicant will commence delivery of training within six months of the date of its registration (either its registration under the ESOS Act or the NVR Act or both, whichever may be the case) and notify the Respondent within fourteen (14) days of that training having commenced;

ii.  six months after training has commenced the Applicant will review and evaluate its assessment systems, practices, and strategies to ensure that it has established, implemented, and follows an appropriate assessment system that complies with the relevant training products and is conducted in accordance with the Principles of Assessment and Rules of Evidence;

iii.  within eight months after the date of commencing training the Applicant will prepare and complete a report of the review (that is, two months to complete report of the review) which will include showing how it has used the outcomes of the review to continually improve its training and assessment strategies and practices as required by clause 2.2 of the RTO Standards;

iv.  thereafter, the Applicant will provide a copy of the report of the review to the Respondent within fourteen (14) days of its completion.

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