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32146 - Hartwell Pastoral Co Pty Ltd as trustee for KM Hartwell Family Trust


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Delivery notifications

Note: The Delivery Notification matrix of state/territories represents regions where the RTO has previously notified it has commenced delivery.  It is not an indication of the availability of the training product, from the RTO, within a particular state or territory.  Individuals should contact the relevant RTO to confirm all delivery details of different training products.
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CPCWHS1001 11/Apr/202211/Apr/2022CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
TLIF0021 25/Nov/202125/Nov/2021CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
UETDRRF004 23/Sep/202123/Sep/2021CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
TLILIC0005, TLIC4006, TLILIC0003 28/Aug/202128/Aug/2021CommencementNo No No No No No YesNo 
RII30820, RII30415, RII30120, RII20215, RII20520, RII30815, RII30420, RII20220, RII30115 28/Aug/202128/Aug/2021CommencementNo YesNo YesYesYesNo Yes
FWPCOT2254, CPCCWHS1001, PUAFER008, AURHTB005, TLIF0020, RIIWHS401D, HLTAID001, AHCPCM203, RIIWHS401E, AURKTB002, MSMWHS217, RIIERR203E, RIIMPO339A, FWPCOT2240, TLIW2001, TLIA1001, AURLTB002, FWPFGM3212, RIIUND207E, FWPCOT2237, TLIF2080, TLIF3063, TLIF2010, FWPFGM3213, PMA30120, PUAFER006, HLTPAT005, FWPCOT2239, RIIMPO334E, FWPCOT2259, UETTDRRF06, FWPCOT3301, RIIRIS402E, MSMWHS216, FWPCOT2236, PUAFER005, RIIRTM203D, FWPCOT2253, RIIUND207D, PMASUP236, FWPFGM3217, AHCMOM213, TLIW0007, MSMPER200, HLTAID003, RIIRTM203E, FWPFGM3216, FWPCOT2238, FWPCOT3238, FWPCOT2256 28/Aug/202128/Aug/2021CommencementYesYesNo YesYesYesYesYes
RII30120, RII20520, RII30420, RII20220 26/Apr/202126/Apr/2021CommencementYesNo YesNo No No YesNo 
TLIF0020, TLIW0007 01/Feb/202101/Feb/2021CommencementNo No YesNo No No No No 
RIIRTM203E 29/Jan/202129/Jan/2021CommencementNo No YesNo No No No No 
RII30820 29/Jan/202129/Jan/2021CommencementYesNo YesNo No No YesNo 
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