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Delivery notifications

Note: The Delivery Notification matrix of state/territories represents regions where the RTO has previously notified it has commenced delivery.  It is not an indication of the availability of the training product, from the RTO, within a particular state or territory.  Individuals should contact the relevant RTO to confirm all delivery details of different training products.
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22596VIC 26/Jun/202326/Jun/2023CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLIL3083, TLIF2010, TLIL4069, TLIC3045, TLIC2054, TLIL3084, TLIW2037, TLIF2082 13/May/202313/May/2023CessationYesNo YesYesYesYesYesYes
TLI33122 19/Dec/202219/Dec/2022CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLI42622 30/Jul/202230/Jul/2022CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
22599VIC 19/Jul/202219/Jul/2022CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLI33121 24/Jun/202224/Jun/2022CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
CPCWHS1001 11/Apr/202211/Apr/2022CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLIF0027, TLID0020, TLIL0010, TLIF0023, TLIF0025, TLIC0025, TLI42621 25/Nov/202125/Nov/2021CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLIF0020, TLIW0007, TLIB0012 01/Feb/202101/Feb/2021CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
BSBWHS415, BSBWHS414, BSBWHS413, BSBWHS412, BSB41419, BSBWHS416 06/Sep/201906/Sep/2019CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
22327VIC 24/Jun/201924/Jun/2019CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
BSB51918 30/Sep/201830/Sep/2018CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
BSBAUD402 21/Sep/201821/Sep/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLI33118 16/Sep/201816/Sep/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLI33115 11/Aug/201811/Aug/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
TLI42615 14/Jul/201814/Jul/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
VU21957, VU21953, VU21952 11/May/201811/May/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
22335VIC 12/Apr/201812/Apr/2018CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
VU21950, VU21949, BSB30115, VU21951 18/Jul/201718/Jul/2017CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
BSB41415 07/Jun/201707/Jun/2017CommencementNo YesNo No No No No No 
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