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31973 - Urban E Learning Pty Ltd


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Legal name:
Urban E Learning Pty Ltd 
Business name(s):
Fatigue Management Training
Australian Club Training
RSG Australia
RSG Course Online
Chain of Responsibility
Australian Construction Industry Training
White Card Australia
Urban E-Learning
COR Online
Loading and Unloading
RSA Course Online
WhiteCardOnline Express
RSA Australia Online
Australian Liquor Training
Chain of Responsibility Australia
Food Safety 
127 164 621
RTO type:
Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation

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Legal nameACNABNStart dateEnd date
Urban E Learning Pty Ltd 127 164 62134127164621 29/Jul/2009 

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Business nameStart dateEnd date
Loading and Unloading 05/Sep/2019 
RSA Course Online 05/Sep/2019 
WhiteCardOnline Express 05/Sep/2019 
RSA Australia Online 05/Sep/2019 
Australian Liquor Training 05/Sep/2019 
Chain of Responsibility Australia 05/Sep/2019 
Food Safety 05/Sep/2019 
Australian Club Training 01/Oct/2012 
RSG Australia 01/Oct/2012 
RSG Course Online 01/Oct/2012 
Chain of Responsibility 01/Oct/2012 
Whitecardonline 01/Oct/2012 
Australian Construction Industry Training 01/Oct/2012 
White Card Australia 01/Oct/2012 
Urban E-Learning 01/Oct/2012 
COR Online 01/Oct/2012 
Fatigue Management Training 05/Sep/2011 

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CodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
91 Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation 29/Jul/2009