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0101 - Canberra Institute of Technology

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Delivery notifications

Note: The Delivery Notification matrix of state/territories represents regions where the RTO has previously notified it has commenced delivery.  It is not an indication of the availability of the training product, from the RTO, within a particular state or territory.  Individuals should contact the relevant RTO to confirm all delivery details of different training products.
ScopeSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Scope columnNotification dateSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Notification date columnDate of changeSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Date of change columnNotification typeSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Notification type columnNSWVICQLDSAWATASNTACTOverseasSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Overseas column
22471VIC, 22472VIC, 22473VIC 17/Jul/201817/Jul/2018CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
CPCCWHS1001 12/Jun/201812/Jun/2018CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
FNS40217, FNS30317, FNS60217, FNS50217, FBP30517, FBP30417, FBP30317 23/May/201823/May/2018CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
PSP40416 07/Apr/201807/Apr/2018CommencementNo YesNo YesYesYesYesNo  
UEERE5001, UEERE4001 09/Mar/201809/Mar/2018CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
22334VIC, CHC43515, SHB20216 18/Dec/201718/Dec/2017CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
TAE50116 13/Dec/201713/Dec/2017CommencementYesNo No No No No No No  
HLTAID001, PUAWER008B, 10675NAT, UEENEEE101A, HLTWHS005, UEENEEP019A, CPCCLTC4001A, AUR20716, CPCCBC4044A, UEENEEP014A, UETTDRRF06B, HLTAID003, TLILIC0012 13/Dec/201713/Dec/2017CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
ACM20117, ACMCAN308, ACMGAS203, ACMCAN307, ACM30417, ACMSUS201, ACMSPE310, ACMSPE301, ACMGAS206, ACMSPE302, ACMSPE312, ACMGAS305, ACMGAS202, ACMCAN311, ACMWHS201, ACMCAN305 02/Dec/201702/Dec/2017CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
PSP40316 22/Jul/201722/Jul/2017CommencementNo No No No No No No Yes 
TAE40116 01/Jun/201701/Jun/2017CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo  
TAE50116, TAE40116 23/May/201723/May/2017CommencementNo No No No No No No Yes 
PSP40416 16/May/201716/May/2017CommencementYesNo YesNo No No No No  
PSP40416 13/May/201713/May/2017CommencementNo No No No No No No Yes 
PSP40116, TAE40110 25/Jan/201725/Jan/2017CommencementNo No No No No No No No Laos 
10118NAT 03/Jan/201703/Jan/2017CommencementNo No No No No No No Yes 
CPCPCM4011A, CPCPWT4023A, CPCPWT4022A, CPCPCM4012A 03/Nov/201603/Nov/2016CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
PSP50416 16/Sep/201616/Sep/2016CommencementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes 
MST30816, SIT50116, SIT60116, SIT50316, SIT30516 16/Sep/201616/Sep/2016CommencementYesNo No No No No No Yes 
CPP50611, CPP40707 16/Sep/201616/Sep/2016CommencementNo No YesNo No No No No  
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