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40354 - Cardijn College

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Legal name:
Cardijn College 
Business name(s):
MTC Training 
RTO type:
Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation

Organisation code history

Responsible legal person history

Legal nameACNABNStart dateEnd date
Cardijn College 73509734811 15/Jul/2020 
Catholic Church Endowment Society Inc 73509734811 11/Jun/201914/Jul/2020
Catholic Church Endowment Society Inc 67085330726 16/Aug/201210/Jun/2019
Catholic Church Endowment Society Inc  67085330726 21/Dec/200915/Aug/2012

Web address history

Web addressStart dateEnd date
http://www.mtcsa.com.au (external link)28/Oct/2014 
http://www.mtcaustralia.com.au/ (external link)22/Oct/201427/Oct/2014

Business name history

Business nameStart dateEnd date
MTC Training 21/Dec/2009 

RTO type history

CodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
91 Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation 21/Dec/2009