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Note: This is a list of training products that the RTO has approval to deliver training and/or assessment in.  It is not an indication of what training products the RTO is actually delivering.  Individuals should contact the relevant RTO to confirm all delivery details of different training products.

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CodeSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Code columnTitleSort Click on a column header to sort data by the Title columnExtentNSWVICQLDSAWATASNTACTIntl.
BSBADM502 - Manage meetings*Manage meetings Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADM503 - Plan and manage conferences*Plan and manage conferences Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADM504 - Plan and implement administrative systems*Plan and implement administrative systems Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADM506 - Manage business document design and development*Manage business document design and development Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADV503 - Coordinate advertising research*Coordinate advertising research Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADV507 - Develop a media plan*Develop a media plan Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADV509 - Create mass print media advertisements*Create mass print media advertisements Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBADV510 - Create mass electronic media advertisements*Create mass electronic media advertisements Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBCON601 - Develop and maintain business continuity plans*Develop and maintain business continuity plans Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
BSBEBU511 - Develop and implement an e-business strategy*Develop and implement an e-business strategy Deliver and assessNo No No No No No No No 
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Skill sets

Note: These Skill Sets, where indicated reflect a RTOs capacity to deliver the Skill Set based on their implicit scope only. Individuals will need to contact the RTO directly to determine whether they are actually delivering this Skill Set.

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