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32252 - Eclipse Vale Pty Ltd

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Legal name:
Eclipse Vale Pty Ltd 
Business name(s):
Eclipse Online Education
Geelong First Aid Training
Eclipse Education
first aid ballarat
RSA Ballarat
White Card Geelong
White Card Ballarat 
130 827 100
RTO type:
Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation

Organisation code history

Responsible legal person history

Legal nameACNABNStart dateEnd date
Eclipse Vale Pty Ltd 130 827 10059130827100 10/Jan/2013 
Eclipse Vale Pty Ltd for the Brown Family Trust 130 827 10059130827100 06/Jul/201009/Jan/2013

Web address history

Business name history

Business nameStart dateEnd date
White Card Ballarat 17/Jan/2017 
first aid ballarat 16/Jan/2017 
RSA Ballarat 16/Jan/2017 
White Card Geelong 16/Jan/2017 
Eclipse Education 06/Oct/2014 
Geelong First Aid Training 08/Jul/2014 
Eclipse Online Education 13/Nov/2012 
Eclipse Vale Pty Ltd 03/Jul/201201/Dec/2019

RTO type history

CodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
91 Education/training Business Or Centre: Privately Operated Registered Training Organisation 06/Jul/2010