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21158 - Downer Utilities Australia Pty Ltd

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Legal name:
Downer Utilities Australia Pty Ltd 
Trading name(s):
Downer Utilities Australia Pty Ltd 
075 194 857
RTO type:
Enterprise - Non-Government

Organisation code history

Responsible legal person history

Legal nameACNABNStart dateEnd date
Downer Utilities Australia Pty Ltd 075 194 85765075194857 02/Mar/2018 
Downer Utilities Pty Ltd 075 194 85765075194857 14/Jan/201501/Mar/2018
Tenix Australia Pty Ltd 075 194 85765075194857 06/Dec/201213/Jan/2015
Tenix Alliance Pty Ltd 075 194 85765075194857 02/Jan/200205/Dec/2012

Web address history

Web addressStart dateEnd date (external link)08/Aug/2015 (external link)19/Apr/201307/Aug/2015 (external link)02/Jan/200218/Apr/2013

Trading name history

Trading nameStart dateEnd date
Downer Utilities Australia Pty Ltd 08/Aug/2015 
DownerTenix 14/Jan/201507/Aug/2015
Tenix Australia Pty Ltd 02/Jan/200213/Jan/2015

RTO type history

CodeClassification valueStart dateEnd date
53 Enterprise - Non-Government 02/Mar/2018 
95 Industry Association 02/Jan/200201/Mar/2018
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