Entry into Care Roles Skill Set

16 December 2020

New online material has been developed for the three units under the Entry into Care Roles skill set CHCSS00114. The material was developed by eWorks under the guidance of the Human Services Skills Organisation. 

The online material is now available for RTOs to download and can be accessed by emailing: HumanServicesCareSOPilot@dese.gov.au

The material includes online resources for:

  • CHCCCS015: Provide individualised support
  • HLTINF001 : Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • HLTWHS002: Follow safe work practices for direct client care

Jodi Schmidt, CEO of the Human Services Skills Organisation said the development of the resources was an important next step in ensuring the skill set can be accessed and delivered by RTOs.

“This is an important skill set that was developed in consultation with industry to boost the aged care and disability support workforce by rapidly upskilling people and provide them with a pathway to further study,” Ms Schmidt said. 

The new resources include unit content for students and knowledge assessment tools for assessors, an assessment mapping tool and high-level assessment task overview for RTOs to incorporate into delivery.

The unit module content includes both an LMS and web-based version to support the different platforms used by RTOs.

All resource content has been reviewed by industry experts and has been designed by elearning experts. The Companion Volume for RTOs is found on training.gov.au and VETNet.