Learn more about your students’ satisfaction and post-training outcomes

26 Jun 2020

The National Student Outcomes Survey is Australia’s largest survey of vocational education and training (VET) students, and collects information about their satisfaction with training and post-training outcomes. This year’s survey includes extra questions to find out how COVID-19 has affected students’ employment and further study outcomes. 

This year’s survey opened in mid-June. Nearly 1 million students who completed training in 2019 will be surveyed, with around 915,000 domestic students and 62,500 international onshore VET graduates to be contacted. 

If we get enough responses from students at your training organisation, we will provide your organisation with a report (free of charge) that compares the experiences, satisfaction and outcomes of your students with students nationally. 

Take advantage of the free kit provided by NCVER to help you promote the survey to former students. 

Visit the NCVER Portal for more information about the National Student Outcomes Survey, including the 2020 questionnaires.