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This function allows you to compare the text content of two training components. A report will be shown identifying where text has been added, removed or modified.

You may compare two releases of the same component or two completely different components, however only components of the same type can be compared (e.g. a unit with a unit, etc.). This tool is not available for accredited courses.

When comparing the changes between an older and newer related component ensure the older course is selected first. The compare function does not look at the time/date stamp but simply shows what removed from the first selected component and what was added in the second selection.

If the item does not appear under the Select release to compare with list, you can select ‘other’ and enter the code or title of the item you want to compare it to.

Due to the large size of training packages, a comparison of a training package will only show changes in the header information section of the training package. To see the changes in the individual units and qualifications, a separate comparison must be made. In order to better understand the changes made between two releases of a training package, return to the previous screen and select the "Compare Metadata" option.

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